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The Green Toad

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The Green Toad is a 1946 Super Six Coupe that burned up the drag strip circuit in the Northwest in the 1960's. 

The car set many records in its day and the driver/owner at that time, George Flann, won over 50 trophies with it.  His best E.T. was 13.8 seconds at 100 m.p.h. in the quarter mile (and the car was street legal!).

I bought the car 25 years ago from George.  It still has the original Hudson racing engine, which has been rebuilt by Ted Feenstra, who also owned and raced it before George bought it from him. 

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The engine is a 1954 Hornet six cylinder bored out 0.125 inch oversize, to give a 328 cubic inch displacement.  It has dual Holley 2300 series racing two-barrel carbs (500 c.f.m. each) set on a cross ram manifold, exhaust headers, 440 Isky cam, ported and relieved large 2-inch intake valves, Clifford high-compression aluminum head, Clifford ignition, and special 3 ring racing pistons.


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Here is the legendary Green Toad logo, which will be re-finished (along with the paint) in the future.


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Following in his father's footsteps, my son took (and passed) his driver's exam in a '46 Hudson just like I did. 



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