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1918 Phaeton

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1918 bridge.JPG (29130 bytes)

This is my 1918 Hudson which has 35,000 original miles.  I purchased it  1975, and am the third owner.


18 & mighty mo.JPG (7838 bytes)

Here is the 1918 in front of the battleship Missouri at the Bremerton Naval Base, Washington.


1918 hudson engine.JPG (29108 bytes)

Super Six Engine with 288 cubic inches and 77 horsepower.


1918.jpg (141016 bytes)

This is a photo taken for Pan American Airway's Clipper Employee Paper.   I worked for Pan Am for 38 years as a flight line mechanic.


1918BW.jpg (25427 bytes)

This is a picture from the Antique Automobile Club's calendar.


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