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MOSES MOORE -- His Life, Family, & Descendants

I'm descended from Moses Moore through his youngest son, John Moore, my g-g-grandfather. At the bottom of this page is a link to a more complete biography of Moses Moore. I hope you'll take the time to read it. There are several other links which may be of interest to those researching families from the Clark County, AR, area. As time permits, I'll be posting additional materials, including photos, other biographies, census records, etc.--so check back from time to time. A word of thanks to my daughter Becca for her technical assistance in building this page and its related pages. Thanks also to my parents who got me interested in my family history and who laid the foundation for my present research (Mom continues to be an invaluable research associate). Special thanks to my wife, Andrea, and to my kids for permitting me to take an occassional trip and for allowing me to spend what, at times, must seem an inordinate amount of time at the library or on the computer. Over the years I've had the privilege of corresponding with and meeting a number of Moses Moore's descendants from various lines. If you have comments, corrections, or additional information you'd like to share, there's an e-mail link at the bottom of the page. I look forward to hearing from you! ---Dave Moore

Born about 1770, Moses Moore had children born in Georgia, Kentucky, and Illinois Territory, and also lived in Missouri before finally settling in Clark County of Arkansas Territory around 1820. He served as a JP for many years and was the first County Judge for Clark County, serving in that capacity from 1830 to 1833, and again from January to September of 1836. Moses is known to have been still living on 4 Dec 1844 when he signed a document as a JP, but is believed to have died in Clark County around 1845 although no record of his death has been found.

In 1836 Moses Moore and his wife Jane were founding members of Mt. Bethel Baptist Church in Clark County, Arkansas. It is possible, though it remains conjecture, that Jane was his second wife and perhaps the mother of only the last two or three children of Moses.

Moses Moore may have been related to Nathaniel Moore, Morris Moore, and Matthew Moore. Nathaniel was born in North Carolina in 1780 and lived in Georgia and Tennessee before moving to Clark County, Arkansas, around 1820. About 1830 Nathaniel and Matthew Moore moved to Texas. Morris Moore died in 1823 in Lawrence County, Arkansas.

Moses Moore appears to have had at least 12 children. The names of several of his daughters are as yet unknown. Records fairly conclusively demonstrate that the last three children shown below were definitely children of Moses. Absolute proof is lacking, but the following are thought to have been Moses Moore's children:

  1. James Walker MOORE -- (b abt 1795 in Georgia, d aft 1857 in Texas; m Matilda DEAN)
  2. Mary (a.k.a. Polly) MOORE -- (b 1794-1800, d aft 1843; m Stephen STANLEY)
  3. Hiram MOORE -- (b 1798 in Georgia, d 1858 in Clark County, Arkansas; m1 Nancy; m2 Catherine EADES)
  4. [Unknown Female] -- (b 1794-1800) -- Could this be Sarah [surname unknown](b 17 Nov 1799 in Georgia, d 11 Jul 1874 in Coryell Co., Texas) who m Mastin LATHAM?
  5. Rebecca MOORE -- (b 1801 in Georgia, d 1857 in Washington Co., Arkansas; m John Thompson EDMISTON)
  6. Thomas W. MOORE -- (b abt 1803 in Georgia, d aft 1874 in Texas?; m1 Nancy; m2 Mathilress YATES)
  7. [Unknown Female] -- (b 1800-1810)
  8. Elizabeth MOORE -- (b abt 1806 in Kentucky, d aft 1860; m1 Willis STANLEY abt 1822? in Clark Co., Arkansas?; m2 John S. MILLS in Texas)
  9. Nancy MOORE -- (b abt 1808 in Kentucky, d aft 1850; m Abraham BOLT)
  10. William Monroe Franklin MOORE -- (b abt 1810-1811 in Kentucky, d 1857-1860 in Blanco ? Co., Texas; m Rebecca GALBREATH)
  11. Moses Walker MOORE -- (b abt 1813 in Kentucky, d aft 1880 in Arkansas?; m Priscilla WEST)
  12. John MOORE -- (b 1815 in Illinois Terr., d 1896 in Taylor Co., Texas; m1 Rebecca LIGHTFOOT; m2 Martha Ann KELLY)

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