"An MP Reunion"

By Ron Orlando

About 18 years ago, a caring relative mentioned that an MP group from his school district was getting together for a outing to Atlantic City. He mentioned it, knowing I also serviced as a MP and could possibly be interested. I pondered the idea of actually seeing some of my old buds and decided to investigate farther. I gave my company's number to the relative and said that I would love to know more. I am a proud member of the 127th, see if anybody from my unit is there. Time went by, and I asked him if he had found out anything? He grudging said, these guys were from a Saigon unit and said the 127th did not see the action they went though, so they would not be interested in getting together. Later that evening, I opened my dresser draw looked at my Purple Heart, and took a deep breath.

Now thanks to Dale, and all the other people who made it possible, "I too had a reunion"....

Ron Orlando, Long Island, NY