Web Master

Dale in the center.

Hello. My name is Dale Mattier. I'm the "Web Master" for the 127th Military Police Photo Album. I spent a total of 26 months of continuous service in Vietnam as a Military Policeman. The first 7 months were with the 127th. Because most of the men came to Vietnam as a unit by ship, they had to be replaced over short period of time. I was one of the replacements in November 1967. To keep this from happening again, a bunch of us were traded to other units to space out the leaving times. I went to the 218th M P Company based in Nha Trang. I was only in Nha Trang for about two months when they needed men in a one platoon detachment of the 218th near Tuy Hoa. I spent the next 16 months at this location until we were replaced by the men from my old unit the 127th. We were then attached to the 630th M P Company in Cam Ranh Bay to finish our tours. When my last tour extension was finished, I had a little less then 5 months left on my 3 year enlistment, so I was discharged (that was the policy at that time).

Many of my most vivid memories and best times was when I was with the 127th. I will always be proud of my military service and feel I was very fortunate to have been assigned to the such a fine unit.