Q & A With C-KT's Big Boss From Da MidWest

Q: What happened to C-KT?

A: C-KT is alive and well. As long as PGP exists -- C-KT will be around to stir up the water, rattle a few cages, and ruffle a few feathers.

Q: Where did the C-KT web page go?

A: The C-KT web page no longer exists. I took the page down about a week ago. The page will probably be relaunched (in an altered form) sometime in the future.

Q: Why did you take the page down?

A: There are several reasons why I took the page down. First and foremost, I have no time to keep the page up to date with the latest C-KT news. I am in the process for working on my senior thesis (scheduled for defense in December), so I do not have adequate time to devote to all things C-KT. Secondly, I am unhappy with a number of PGP related issues/developments -- I have become completely disillusioned with the entire PGP community, and I feel the need to take a few steps back (remaining on the periphery until things improve).

Q: When will the C-KT web page be back?

A: I have not set a timetable for a relaunch of the site.

Q: Where should users go for the latest information on C-KT?

A: I have listed two web pages on the front page of this site -- those are the only two "official" sites for C-KT news and information. The first page listed belongs to C-KT's Programming Guru, Imad Faiad, and the other page belongs to C-KT's Spiritual Advisor, Marty Graybill. Additionaly, users can find up to date information on the C-KT mailing list (subscribe at the Lisbot homepage).

Q: Are you ending all involvement with C-KT & PGP?

A: Of course not! I will take a much less active involvement within the PGP community, but I do not plan on not being involved at all. As for C-KT -- I plan on continuing on as normal.

Q: What about the C-KT RC5-64 Team at Distributed.net?

A: Our team is doing awesome, but we need more help to compete against the really big teams! This remains one of my primary interests. Membership is open to anyone who wants to join! If you are interested in signing up -- visit Distributed.net, or e-mail me for information!

If you have any other questions you wish to ask -- feel free to drop me an e-mail!