General 1910s and 1920s Sites

The 1920s Experience
The Roaring 20's
A Guide to the Roaring Twenties
Flapper Station
The Jazz Age: Flapper Culture And Style
The Jazz Age Page
Flaming Youth
The 1920s
James Madison College/Michigan State University:...American Culture in the 1920s
Kingwood College Library: American Cultural History 1920-1929
A Romantic Retrospective: The 1920's
The Lawless Decade
Retro Tip Tray: Hints for Living the Retro Lifestyle
[covers approximately the 1920s through the 1940s]

Other Sites with 1920s Info

Biographical Sites

Fatty Arbuckle:
Louis Armstrong:
Satchmo.Net (Louis Armstrong House and Archives)
Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong (1900-1971)
The Story of a Jazz Legend
Adele Astaire:
Adele Astaire
Fred Astaire:
Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire (Streetswing)
Josephine Baker:
Josephine Baker
Josephine Baker: 1905 - 1975: Dancer and Jazz Singer
Vilma Banky:
The Biography and Filmography of the Hungarian Rhapsody
Irving Berlin:
Irving Berlin - a brief biography
Clara Bow:
Silents Majority Featured Star Profile: Clara Bow
The Unknown Clara Bow
Clara Bow: 1905-1965
[partly commercial information]
Fanny Brice:
Fanny Brice (1891-1951)
Louise Brooks:
Louise Brooks Society
Henry Burr:
The Henry Burr Home Page
James Branch Cabell:
The James Branch Cabell Page
Virginia Commonwealth University: James Branch Cabell Library
Al Capone:
History Files -- Al Capone
Charlie Chaplin:
Charlie Chaplin: Comedian, Film Maker, and Modernist
Charlie Chaplin UK
British Film Music Composers A - F
Lon Chaney:
Lon Chaney: the First Horror Star
Silents Majority Featured Star Profile: Lon Chaney
Calvin Coolidge:
Calvin Coolidge: Thirtieth President (1923-1929)
Bing Crosby:
Bing Crosby
Jack Dempsey:
International Boxing Hall of Fame: Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey Boxing Match
W.E.B. DuBois:
A Biographical Sketch of W.E.B. DuBois
W.E.B. DuBois
Duke Ellington:
Edward K. "Duke" Ellington
Duke Ellington's Biography
Sammy Fain:
Sammy Fain
Douglas Fairbanks:
Douglas Fairbanks (1883-1939)
Silents Majority Featured Star Profile: Douglas Fairbanks
Taylorology: Louella Parsons Interviews with Actors
William Faulkner:
William Faulkner: American Writer: 1897-1962
Edna Ferber:
The Edna Ferber Page
F. Scott Fitzgerald:
F. Scott Fitgerald Centenary Page
Gallagher and Shean:
Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean
Carlos Gardel:
Gardel Universal [in Spanish]
Todo Tango: Carlos Gardel
La Pagina de Carlos Gardel
Marcus Garvey:
Marcus Garvey Biography
The Poetry of Marcus Garvey
Lou Gehrig:
The Iron Horse: A Tribute to Lou Gehrig
George Gershwin:
George Gershwin
Gershwin Centennial
George Gershwin
Elinor Glyn:
Tiger Skins, Sheiks and Passionate Kisses
Lillian Gish:
Lillian Gish Official Web Site
D. W. Griffith:
The D.W. Griffith Canon
Warren G. Harding:
Warren G. Harding: Twenty-Ninth President (1921-1923)
William S. Hart:
Willam S. Hart Ranch and Museum
Silent Majority Featured Star Profile: William S. Hart
Sessue Hayakawa:
Goldsea Asian American Personalities: Sessue Hayakawa
Silent Majority Featured Star Profile: Zen and the Art of Sessue Hayakawa
Taylorology: Louella Parsons Interviews with Actors
John Held, Jr.:
John Held, Jr.
Ernest Hemingway:
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway (Brief Life & Timeline)
Herbert Hoover:
Herbert Hoover: Thirty-First President (1929-1933)
Harry Houdini:
Houdini Historical Center
Taylorology: Louella Parsons Interviews with Actors
Langston Hughes:
Langston Hughes Black Poetry Festival: Langston Hughes
My Langston Hughes Page
Edith Maude Hull:
Tiger Skins, Sheiks and Passionate Kisses
Zora Neale Hurston:
Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960)
Zora Neale Hurston: 1891-1960
Al Jolson:
Al Jolson
Al Jolson: A Megastar Long Buried Under a Layer of Blackface
Al Jolson: The World's Greatest Entertainer [his offical site, but highly commercial, with little free information]
Isham Jones:
Isham Jones: 1894 - 1956
Buster Keaton:
The International Buster Keaton Society [The Damfinos]
Generally Buster
[note: the homepage font may show up funky on some browsers]
The Beauty of Buster
Buster Keaton: From Butcher Boy to Scribe
Juha's Buster Keaton Page
Silents Majority Featured Star Profile: Buster Keaton
The Beauty of Buster
Taylorolgy: Six Interviews with Buster Keaton
Classic Images: The Buster Keaton Myths
Jerome Kern:
Jerome Kern: 1888-1945
Jerome Kern
Laurel and Hardy:
Laurel and Hardy: The Official Website
Charles Lindberg:
Charles Augustus Lindberg
Anita Loos:
Silents Majority: Behind the Camera: Anita Loos
The Anita Loos Page
Harold Lloyd:
Hello, Harold Lloyd
Taylorology: Louella Parsons Interviews with Actors
June Mathis:
Encyclopedia Britannica: Women in American History: Mathis, June
Marx Brothers:
The Marx Brothers: The Winsome Foursome
[includes a lot of commercial information]

Tom Mix:
Tom Mix: 1880 - 1940
Taylorology: Louella Parsons Interviews with Actors
Billy Murray:
Billy Murray
Mae Murray:
(Valentino's) Leading Ladies: Mae Murray
Nita Naldi:
Nita Naldi Webpage
(Valentino's) Leading Ladies: Nita Naldi
Pola Negri:
The Opportunist: Pola Negri on Her (more or less) Centenary
Vaslav Nijinsky:
Vaslav Fomich Nijinsky (1888-1950)
Vaslav Nijinsky 1880-1950: "The God of Dance"
Mabel Normand:
Mabel Normand (1894-1930)
Silents Majority Featured Star Profile: Mabel Normand
Ramon Novarro:
Ramon Novarro: The Lighthearted Lover
Ivor Novello:
The Ivor Novello Home Page
Silents Majority Featured Star Profile: Ivor Novello
Ivor Novello
Dorothy Parker:
The Dorothy Page
Anna Pavlova:
Anna Pavlova: A Short Biography
Mary Pickford:
Silents Majority Featured Star Profile: Mary Pickford
Cole Porter:
Cole Porter
Natacha Rambova:
Natacha Rambova
La desconocida vida de Natacha Rambova   [in Spanish]
Wallace Reid:
Taylorology: Louella Parsons Interviews with Actors
Rin Tin Tin:
Rin Tin Tin Incorporated
Will Rogers:
Who Is Will Rogers?
Will Rogers Home Page
Will Rogers: The Cherokee Kid
Babe Ruth:
Babe Ruth's Life and Career
Rafael Sabatini:
The Life & Work of Rafael Sabatini
Gertrude Stein:
Gertrude Stein Online
The World of Gertrude Stein
Gloria Swanson:
Gloria Swanson
(Valentino's) Leading Ladies: Gloria Swanson
William Desmond Taylor:
James Thurber:
James Thurber -- A Web Collection
Rudolph Valentino:
Falcon Lair
Celebrity Fan Page in honor of: Rudolph Valentino
Rudolph Valentino  [link for English version]
Rodolfo Valentino: L'Amante Immortale  [in Italian]
Natasha's Rudolph Valentino Site
Rudolph Valentino and the Lady in Black
Valentino and the Lady in Black
Silents Majority Featured Star Profile: Rudolph Valentino
Rediscovering Rudolph Valentino
Hollywood Connection: Rudolph Valentino
Valentino - What They Had To Say About Him
-- Remembrances by Those Who Knew Him Personally

Forever Online
[requires RealPlayer G2 and Adobe Acrobat Reader; has a "search" function for biographical info]

The life of Rudolph Valentino described in a magazine called "De Film"
Fond Farewell: Rudolph Valentino
Valentino the Musical
[mostly a commercial site -- click on "The Man" for biographical info] Valentino
 then Swing History, Dancers, V, Valentino]
Taylorology: Louella Parsons Interviews with Actors
YahooGroups: Rudolph Valentino
[formerly eGroups]
Rudolph Valentino Message Board
Paul Whiteman:
Paul Whiteman "The King of Jazz"
Bert Williams:
The Bert Williams Home Page
Woodrow Wilson:
Woodrow Wilson Birthplace & Museum
Woodrow Wilson: Twenty-Eighth President (1913-1921)

Vaudeville and Stage

Library of Congress: American Memory: Variety Stage Motion Pictures
[requires Quicktime Viewer]
Vaudeville Home Page
The Vaudeville Theatre
Vintage Vaudeville and Ragtime Show
[requires Real Audio player; excerpts only]
A History of The Musical: Vaudeville and Burlesque
A History of The Musical Stage: 1920s
Schubert Theatre New Haven: 1920-1929
Vaudeville Memories
{see also Biographical Links for individual vaudevillians} 


Silents Majority
[Photographs of many silent stars can be found under "Silent Ladies" and "Silent Gents."]

The Silent Circle
Silent Movies
Greatest Films of the 1920s
Slapstick: The Silent Comedy Quicktime Cavalcade
[requires QuickTime viewer]
Library of Congress: National Film Preservation Board
The Silent Film Bookshelf
Hollywood Mania
[go to "The Early Days" or "Silent Movie Era"]
Movie Site: 1920s
Silents Are Golden
Henning7's Home Page
Gilda's Blue Book of the Screen
Grapevine Video: links page
Unknown Video
[includes commercial information]
Cinemaweb: Silent Film Sources
[mostly commercial information]
Silent Era
[mostly commercial information]
alt.movies.silent  [newsgroup]
{see also Biographical Links for individual actors, directors, & screenwriters}


Tim Gracyk's Home Page: Articles About Phonographs and Old Records
The History of Tin Pan Alley
Don Ferguson's Tin Pan Alley
[requires RealPlayer or Crescendo player for sound files]
[requires RealPlayer]
Washington University in St. Louis: Gaylord Music Library: Sheet Music Pages
Froggy's Novelty Song Collection (1900-1940)
[or enter through The Infrogmation Superhighway]
The Red Hot Jazz Archive
Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine
[requires RealPlayer]
Jim and Marianne's Jukebox
[requires MP3 player]
Wolverine Antique Music Society
Old Time Victrola Music Message Board
{see also Biographical Links for individual musicans & groups} 


The Lost Generation/Generation Lost
Hemingway's Paris: The Expatriots
1920s Bestsellers
Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide: Timeline 1920s: Important Books...
The Booksmith's Jazz Age Bookshelf
[mostly commercial information]
{see also Biographical Links for individual writers}

Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance
What Was the Harlem Renaissance?
{see also Biographical Links for individual artists, writers, and performers}


The Impact of Technology on 1920s Life
Inventions during the 1920s
Classic Cars in History
Television History -- The First 75 Years: Pre-1935
Early British Television History
[requires Realplayer for video clips]


Christy's Fashion Pages: 1900-1996
Women's Fashions of the 1920s
Retro: Fashion in the Roaring '20s
Timeline of Costume History: 20th Century Western Costume: 1920 -1930
A Year in Fashion: 1920

Local Groups and Events

Silent Film Society of Atlanta
Los Angeles:
Silent Movie Theatre
American Theatre Organ Society: Sooner State Chapter

Miscellaneous Topics

Taylorology: A Dictionary of Flapper Slang [1922]
The Internet Guide to Jazz Age Slang
Todo Tango
Ukulele Diner
Los Angeles Public Library: Electronic Neighborhood: Menu Collection
[Click on "Menu Collection" and search by date.]

Mah Jong Museum
Museum of the City of San Francisco: San Franscisco History 1901-1930
Museum of the City of San Francisco: Police Work in the 1920s

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