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Yep, It's the one you've all been asking for!

You can buy the VIDEO Dougal and the Blue Cat at a discount price of 9.89 by clicking the pic!


The Magic Roundabout Helmet!  You can get this from here:-

If anybody is a big enough fan to buy, and actually wear this, please send me a pic of you wearing it ( - obviously) and I'll post it.

Book Titles available on-line
I've indicated the discount available last time I visited Amazon (this is where I got my books).  If you click a pic it will take you to the relevent page at their site. (NB: Amazon do not require your credit card details over the internet).

Dougal and the Blue Cat (20% discount)Paperback

The Adventures of Dougal(Audio Cassette)
Narrated by Richard Wilson

The Adventures of Dougal (20% discount)
Paperback (May 1998)
This has received a maximum 5 star rating, as voted by the customers at Amazon.  This book is excellent, all of the "adventures of" books by Thompson are transcripts of the series, and any fan will be able to imagine Thompson's voice narrating, but what would the Magic Roundabout be without Dougal's sarcasm? and with this book it's never too far away.

The Adventures of Brian (20% discount)
Bloomsbury Paperback
As expected, Dougal features heavily in this book, in fact, I think he's in it more than Brian...

The Adventures of Dylan (20% discount)
Bloomsbury Paperback
"Cutting the Grass",  lots of trips, lots of sleeping and yes, that "Mushroom" ep.  Need I say more?

The Adventures of Ermintrude (20% discount)
Bloomsbury Paperback
This is another personal favourite, it includes "The Number 12", "Wishing Day" and "Five Miles an Hour" eps, and as Ermintrude is the best foil for Dougal the most memorable and funniest quotes are in here.

The Magic Roundabout
Audio Cassette
BBC Audio (Spoken Word);

HH 3108 Magic Roundabout Giftpack (19% discount)

High Street
A worrying lack of things Roundabouty, I'm still looking, and if anyone knows of anything out there mail me and I'll post the info.

The New Magic Roundabout
This was in Woolworths for £3.  Narrated by Nigel Planer NOT Eric Thompson, turn the sound off and it's good stuff.

The Adventures of Dougal
Narrated by Richard Wilson. This was in WHSmiths on CD.  Richard Wilson is excellent, IMHO much better than Planer, after all Dougal is the ideal canine companion for Victor Meldrew.