Honduras '00

Thursday 8-17     I took 2,500 Spanish and about 1,000 English tracts with me. Traveled to the airport in Orlando to catch the plane to Honduras. Met up with Mike Karl who was also going to my destination. His tickets with World Mission Tours were never confirmed and so he was not listed to fly with Lacsa.

We departed with the plan of meeting each other at a hotel in LaCeiba. I left at 8:30 AM and flew to San Jose, Costa Rica. I met a Jew and witnessed to him. His philosophy was that there are many ways to God. I corrected him with scripture. He wanted me to show him in the Torah where there is a duality of God. So I took him to Gen. 1:26 and Gen 11:7. He shut me down and didn't want to talk anymore. He was reading a book about Ghandi and I said, it's interesting that you would rather read that book which can never save your soul than to read this one about the one who can save your soul from hell. He had ignored me by this time and the plane began boarding.  As I approached the gate, the attendant said that I did not have a boarding pass. So I ran upstairs and rushed the woman to get a boarding pass as my plane was now boarding. She took a long time and finally got my pass and I made the plane.

     When I arrived in San Salvador I again had to go to the woman at the desk to confirm my flight to LaCeiba, Honduras. It was full. The woman offered to put me on another plane which left an hour later than this one and it would fly me to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and then I would have to take another plane to fly to LaCeiba. I asked the Lord, “Why?”  Then I thought that if I met up with Mike Karl, I would know this was the Lord's doing.

     When I arrived in San Pedro Sula, I waited several hours for my connecting flight. Mike never showed up. After boarding the plane, there was a delay departing. Then more people boarded the plane and it included Mike. I knew it was the Lord. He had to go by rout of Miami and then San Pedro Sula.

     When we arrived in La Ceiba, we had a missionary couple meet us and provided a place to stay for the night, saving me the cost of a hotel room.

Friday 8-18       Flew to Palacios. Helped prepare for Laura's wedding, which was in the afternoon.

Sat.     8-19     Returned benches used during the wedding.

Sund.     8-20     Preached at morning service in Palacios.

Mon.     8-21     Built cross.

Tues.     8-22     Carried cross in lower Palacios. Passed out many tracts and prayed with several. Met 3 people from Spain, one from Barcelona.

Wed.     8-23     Carried cross in upper Palacios. Prayed with several families. A Catholic man wanted to argue with me. But with my limited Spanish I simply repeated asking him if I could pray with him to bless him. Realizing I didn't understand him, he let me pray. Thank you Lord! Another man asked me if I was doing penance. I replied “No, evangelistic, when people see the cross, their hearts are drawn to Jesus!”

Thur.     8-24     Frank and I took boat to Belen. Thunderclouds lighted our way home after dark. The Lord kept us dry from rain all the way home.

Fri.     8-25     Got settled in room.

Sat.     8-26     Preached morning and evening service at installation of Alex Ramerez, a new pastor in Belen. Rainy Day.

Sund.     8-27     Preached Service in Kuri. Rainy day.

Mon.     8-28     More Rain.  I had many mosquitoes last night in my room. I slept only a few hours.

Tues.     8-29     Frank and I carried the cross through Belen to Cocobela. Visited a number of homes and prayed with people. In Cocobela we met Paublo, a 19 yr old who is unsaved and spoke English as he was from Roatan, an English speaking island. I preached the gospel to him but he wouldn't turn to Jesus as he was living in fornication with a woman who had born his child. They wouldn't commit to marriage. Frank ministered to the girl in Spanish at a distance while I spoke to Paublo. The girl prayed with Frank but Paublo wouldn't surrender.

Wed.     8-30     We carried the cross in Cocobela again. The people here are Mosquito Indians and have their own language as well as Spanish. Most everyone claims to be Christian in the Moravian Church, which is the predominant church out here. Much like the Catholics, they claim they are Christian simply because they go to church and belong to a religion. Yet many of them are not regenerated by the Holy Spirit and live sinful lives without repentance. Frank spoke to a pastor of a Spirit filled Moravian Church who broke away from the traditional church after receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. The traditional church remaines in unrepented sin while the new church had forsaken sin. He said many of them knew in their hearts they were not Christian even though they say so from their mouths.

     So Frank began to press each person he met and asked them if they had turned from their sin. Most had not. He would then encourage them to restore a relationship with Christ and many did.

     We had stopped to preach to a group of women on a bench and a young man named Philip from Roatan was reading his Bible. He wasn't saved and we learned that Paublo, whom we met yesterday, was his brother. We preached Christ and Philip humbled himself and asked Christ Jesus into his heart. It would appear he was reading the Bible as a result of our conversation with his brother yesterday.

     Later we met a woman who told us her testimony. She and her husband are elders at the Moravian Church. She had 12 children, one died in April. Her daughter, prior to her death, was a strong Christian and had grown deathly ill. One day she told her family that 2 angels had appeared to her and told her they would return at 7 AM the next morning to take her home to heaven. She said to bury her in a wooden box, not an expensive cement box because that is vanity. The next morning at 7 AM she died. Her testimony has changed many lives.

     Frank and I crisscrossed the dirt walking path going from home to home where families rested swinging in their hammocks in the shade from the hot sun. Each home we entered, the people kindly spoke with us. Of the 12 or more homes we visited, all but one permitted us to bless their homes in prayer and about 6 rededicated their lives to the Lord.

     A group of teenage school children were marching past us in a daily practice preparation for their independence day which is Sept. 15th.  The school teachers were yelling as I handed out tracts to the bunch of them. They eagerly grabbed the tracts and the march was interrupted by the action. I later learned the teachers were yelling at me except I didn't understand them. Being ignorant of their language, I continued to hand out tracts.

Thurs.     8-31     Walked Cocobela again. As we approached the village, Paublo, whom I could see at a distance, ran and hid. The Lord was convicting him and he didn't want to be confronted with the gospel again. We preached at one home were about 4 women with many children were gathered. One woman was very rebellious, loud, and contrary. Frank confronted the woman with her sin. Another woman loved the Lord.

     Prayed with man who was working cementing a house. As we approached one house, a group of women there ran to hid. One of them stayed outside and we prayed with her. The others began to come out and we prayed for them all.

     As Frank spoke to 2 women, I left him to hand a tract to a man. He tried to escape me but failed. He was obviously in sins and he knew it and did not want to repent. But when I tried to get Frank to interpret for me, he left quickly.

Fri.      9-1     Prepared for teaching at Pastors conference on Sat.

Sat.     9-2     Gave teaching to Pastors on the role of Pastors in preparing the Bride to be without spot or wrinkle. Covered topic of sin.

Sund.     9-3     Went to Renewed Moravian Church service. Spirit of the Lord moved mightly in worship. Afterwards I went to beach with Roger and Katrina. They will be leaving for Puerto Limpera. Sand fleas were very bad so I walked home.

Mon.     9-4     Spent day preparing for trip to LaCeiba.

Tues.     9-5     Traveled to LaCeiba. Frank and I went to 4-5 hardware stores for parts. I gave out many tracts to a variety of people. At one store, several people were asking me questions in Spanish. I answered as best I could until Frank returned. One man challenged the Bible as being untrue and several of the store clerks jumped all over him defending God's Word. Each store we entered, I handed out many tracts and watched as they came under conviction.

Wed.     9-6     Shopped for items needed to drill water wells in Limon. Passed out more tracts as it rained hard.

Thur.     9-7     Shopped for more items for drilling. Departed LaCeiba late afternoon and arrived in Tocoa by nightfall where we spent the night at a hotel.

Fri.     9-8     Carried the cross in Tocoa. Frank and I passed out 500+ tracts. Several people received Christ. Others we spoke to were under much conviction, but would not surrender to Christ. The fan belt on the truck began making a noise and was near breaking. We took it to be repaired while we walked the cross. Spent night in Tacoa.

Sat.     9-9     Drove to Limon. The road trip was very dangerous as thieves rob people here often. The road is a rocky, rough, dirt road. He ended up with a flat tire and I had to struggle with diarrhea. Arrived in Limon and started the drilling of 2 wells. Drums beat all day as the village danced and worshipped demons,  calling out to devils to liberate a dead soul from hell. I have been here 4 or 5 times before and each time I come, they beat the drums while getting into a drunken frenzy. These misdirected Catholics have a celebration called “John the Baptist Day” where they get drunk, beat the drums and at midnight, they decapitate the heads of many animals in a form of demon worship.
     The last time I was here, I had diarrhea and vomited all day. I trust the sickness is Demonic and not physical in this village that is filled with witchcraft. There is a small church here that really loves the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sund.     9-10     Preached morning service. Frank and I put in 2 wells. Carried the cross through Limon and passed out many tracts.     

Mond.     9-11     Finished 2nd well. Drove to Tacoa. Two young girls who must have read my tract, called out “Breeon” which is Spanish for “Brian”. They kept calling me and after Frank and I entered our room, they stood right out the door calling “Breeon!”  Frank had to move the truck so I stepped out. They asked me if I was married and had children. With my limited knowledge of the Spanish language, I responded and asked them if they were Christian to try to bring some conviction on these two girls. They responded that they were Catholic, which means they have little knowledge of Gods word and no knowledge of the depths of their sin.  They were prostituting themselves for money and were trying to lure me into their web. I told them I wasn't interested and feeling very embarrassed by this experience I returned to my room with no further conversation. They finally left.

Tues.     9-12     Drove to LaCeiba. We stopped at a gas station for coffee. The Restaurant next door had some so we got some coffee there. I witnessed to the employee who spoke English and he accepted Christ as Lord. In LaCeiba, we went to the mall where I passed out some more tracts. Two women who spoke English talked to me about the Lord and I prayed with them to receive Christ. We made another 3,000 tracts.

Wed.     9-13     Carried cross in LaCeiba with Vicente Pintor. Started in the park where we witnessed to many people. A shoe shiner began to revile against us. Another listened to us as we preached. Passed out many tracts as I made my way to the immigration office to renew my Visa. Vicente witnessed to several people in front of the office and then he preached to a group of teens in front of the Catholic church. They were totally entranced. When the teachers came and called them to class, they wouldn't leave. They wanted to hear the gospel and finally the teacher started threatening them so they left.

Thu.      9-14     Traffic was jammed for independence day celebration. Flew to Palacios, but the plane, scheduled to leave at 9:30 AM didn't depart until 1:30. We took the boat to Belen and finally arrived home at 5 PM. The sack full of frozen meat endured the long day without spoiling. Thank you Lord!

Fri.     9-15     I still have diarrhea and was up through the night. Feeling sickly I returned to bed after breakfast. I teach at Pastors conference tomorrow and must prepare teaching.

Sat.     9-16     Taught at Pastors conference in Kuri.

Sun.     9-17     Preached at Rio Platano.

Mon. - Wed.     9-18 to 9-20       Worked on repairing 4 wheeler. On Wed. we carried cross in Belen. Prayed with Kenneth from Nicaragua to receive Christ. Visited several homes and ministered.

Thu       9-21     Worked on 4 wheeler and carried cross in Belen.

Fri.      9-22     Worked on 4 wheeler. Difficult night of sleep.

Sat.      9-23     Worked on 4 wheeler.

Sun.     9-24     Rested

Mon.     9-25     Worked on 4 Wheeler.

Tue.     9-26     Finished 4 wheeler.  Shellie and Ginger leave.
Wed.     9-27     worked on roof of storage shed.

Thu.     9-28     Lots of rain.

Fri.     9-29     More rain. (Tropical Depression later became hurricane)  Generator broke down.

Sat.     9-30     Read George Mueller, by faith. German missionary to England, Married Mary Groves 1830. Commanded her to sell her silverware, china, tapestry “Lay not treasure on earth.” Church collected tithes by renting pews. Put up box “Henceforth, minister will be supported only by contributions placed in this box by generous Christians. He will not at any time nor for any reason ask any man for financial assistance. He will only ask God.”
1 year old son died. Built 5 orphanages with 2,000 children and never asked for a penny.

Sun.     10-1     Preached at Crispens church in Cocobella. Passed out tracts.

Mon.     10-2     Flew to LaCeiba. Frank, Tami, Megan and I. At Texaco, service attendant stole 100 Limperas (Hondurian money) by deception. I gave him 300 Limperas (3, 100 Limpera bills) and as I turned to get into the vehicle, he tapped my shoulder and showed me 200 Limpera (2 Bills) and Frank interpreted that the attendant said we didn't give him enough. I told the man he was a theif but we ended up giving the man another bill for 100 Limpera so that we could leave.

Tue.     10-3     One of the missionaries just checked his daughter out of the hospital for dehydration. Tami also checked Megan in for the same reason. Staff is on strike and blocked the entrance to hospital. Kevin and I tried to pass through and they almost fought with Kevin after I pushed through. I gave them all tracts.

Wed.     10-4     Employees at hospital still giving us trouble getting in. Wouldn't let Frank in to see his own daughter. He finally got in while I stayed out handing out tracts. I read Luke 3:14 in Spanish to several of them and it stirred them up to defend themselves for their actions.

Luke 3:14
    And the soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.

Thu.     10-5     I wrote Luke 3:14 on a bunch of tracts and passed them out to the strikers, Megan checked out today and afterwards, the military police came and reopened the entrance.

Fri.      10-6     Nothing much happened today.

Sat.     10-7     Went to the shipping docks today with Frank, David and Santos so they could find a boat ride back to La Mosquitia. I handed out some tracts and an English speaking man from Roatan received my tract. I asked him if he was Christian and he said he wasn't but would like to be. Corby, the man, received Christ. He didn't have a Bible so I left him a Gidians pocket Bible. His parents are Church of God.

Sun.     10-8     Went to missionary church service in a missionaries home in LaCeiba.

Mon.     10-9     Drove towards Tegucagalpa with Frank. Stopped at Siguatepeque for the night.

Tue.     10-10     Walked Siquetepeque and passed out over 1,000 tracts. Made 1,500 more tracts. When I returned to the hotel, several men seated wanted to ask me some questions in Spanish. I answered as best I could and one of them wanted ot argue about worshipping Mary. Drove to Tegucagalpa. Preached evening service. Pastor Rene and his wife Mercedes let us stay in their home for the night.

Wed.     10-11     Pastor Rene and Frank and I walked Tegucagalpa with the cross and passed out 2,000 tracts. Drove to Siquetepeque and spent the night at hotel.

Thu.     10-12     Drove to LaCeiba. Made 3,000  more tracts.

Fri.     10-13     Took boat to Roatan.

Sat.     10-14     7 or 8 saved. I prayed with 4 to receive Christ. The first man, just as we were getting started, prayed with me to receive Christ in front of the hotel. His wife is 7th Day Adventist. I discipled him preparing him on their legalistic teachings so he may be ready to give an answer to their false doctrines. I showed him where Jesus broke the Sabbath, and where scripture allows the eating of unclean meats. At the end of the day, he was waiting for me. He said his wife argued with him and she said she would bring the pastor out to confront me. He never came.

     I tried to persuade another man to repent and turn to Christ. He felt his salvation was the 7th Day Adventist church and said he did not have to repent. He kept quoting the scripture “let each one be convinced in his own mind.” When I looked up the verse, it backfired in his face since it was permitting man to worship on any day.

Romans 14:5     One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

 He walked away.

     I also prayed with a young man with his mother. She was blessed. Frank and I stopped for a coke and led the girl employee to receive Christ.

     A man approached me saying “People are laughing at you, but I'm not, I respect you.” He too prayed with me to receive Christ.

     We took the bus to West End and returned. Met a young man with infected feet. Fed him dinner and he too prayed to receive Christ.

The next day, I flew home on airliner to USA!