Ireland - UK '01
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Newspaper article     Limerick, Ireland  


One year ago, just after Mardi Gras, I was with Pastor Paul Bradford in Jonesboro, Louisiana. We had traveled to Monroe to get makeup and costumes for the Easter drama play coming the next Sunday. We stopped at a Christian bookstore where I bought a CD entitled “Revival in Belfast”. I told brother Paul, “You know, I have been finding myself attracted to this Celtic music lately. Maybe the Lord is drawing me to Ireland.” We then went to the costume store. I handed a tract to the woman at the store asking her if she was saved. In our conversation, out of nowhere, she asked “Have you ever been to Ireland?” I know that it was the Lord confirming my trip to Ireland.

One year later, I had since traveled to Spain, France, Italy and Honduras, but not Ireland. I was now being asked to preach in many church's and the Lord was blessing me with the finances I needed to go. But no doors were opening for the trip. On Friday, May 11th, there was little evidence that I would be going to Ireland. By Friday evening of the same day, I had purchased tickets for the trip leaving on Monday morning.

Here are my Journal notes:

On May 15, Michael, his wife, son and daughter and I flew to Ireland to walk the cross throughout the land including the United Kingdom. We flew into Shannon airport on a cold, rainy day. It looked gloomy as we also found that the American dollar lost 15% of its value on exchange giving us $85 for every $100 U.S. In England, we were only getting $62-68 per $100 and yet the cost of living was comparable to the U.S.

I found the country of Ireland to be very clean and rich in hills and green pastures. The country seems to be prosperous. The houses were nice with little evidence of poor housing conditions. In fact, of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Ireland seemed to be the more beautiful.

The Catholics of Ireland, although lost without Christ, were yet more reverent than the Godless people of England we were later to meet. England is not a Christian country, although it would seem to have the outward appearance of being so. Most people there were atheist. As Michael and I also found in France last year, England has a large population of Muslims.

We took a bus to Limerick which is the nearest town to Shannon airport.


5/16     Wednesday.    

 It's still raining and very cold, similar to a Florida winter. I put on extra clothing under my robe as we went out to the streets to walk the cross and pass out tracts. As we were still getting ready to walk the crosses, a group of Catholic teens stopped, some to mock us, others to ask questions. Two girls remained as the others left, one of them asking many questions about my beliefs. When I confirmed that I believed the Bible, she concluded I was a Protestant. Since I have no part with the Protestant faith, her conclusion was incorrect. But it seemed interesting that one who believes in Gods Word should be considered as one who is in rebellion, when the truth is that those who reject Gods word are the rebellious.

She was convinced that we evolved from monkeys and I spent much time answering her questions and dealing with these issues. In the meantime, the cold wind cut through our garments and some tracts in Michaels hand blew away and were destroyed by the rain.

As we walked O'Connell Street, the rain got worse and the cold wind was cutting to the bone, so Michael waved me over wanting to return to the hotel. But I misunderstood and continued walking. Two young men in a car asked me a variety of questions and when they left, a newspaper photographer was with Michael and this time I walked over for the interview. With frozen fingers, we disassembled the crosses and returned to the room.

5/17     Thursday.  

Another cold day as we again walked O'Connell Street. A photo of me walking the cross was on the front page of the paper and opened some opportunities to minister as some would stop to talk about the paper article. A brother in Christ was asking about the ministry with the cross and I said “It works great. Some will stop just to ask what I am doing…” and one of three high school girls who overheard me said “Yes, people like me!”  After answering many questions, it began to rain again and I said “Lets go under a shelter” but they had to return to school. So I stayed in the rain and asked if they would like to be “born again” and all 3 said “yes.”  After praying with me, they were all filled with joy and asked if they could pray again. I said “Do you want to say a prayer?” and the girl replied “No, we will follow you!” So I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving and they repeated it with me while the rain fell upon our heads.

We later ran into several Mormons.

A misguided woman told me I was committing blasphemy. “Jesus loves you, Mam!” I replied. She then continued saying that I will be damned for doing this, if I'm not damned already. I repeated “Jesus loves you, Mam!” I then continued saying that if she would repent of her sins and ask Jesus into her heart, she would be saved. The woman replied that you must see a priest  and go to confession and have your sins absolved. She then said that her sins were to great for Jesus to forgive. It was clear that I was dealing with a devil in the woman and repeatedly told her that Jesus loves her. When I told her that she could go into her room and ask Jesus to forgive her, that He would, she got into an angry frenzy, as if I had told her some blasphemous statement. She then crossed the street to argue with Michael.


5/18     Friday
Traveled to Cork by bus.

5/19     Saturday

Walked Cork from 11AM to 10PM. Long day as we had much fruit.
As I got started, a drunken man who rejected my tract began to physically push me away. I closed my eyes and prayed for the man but he took a stick and began to prod me with it. I then walked away as he cursed me.

Walked St. Patrick Street.  I witnessed to a young woman who confessed that her friend was “born again”. She was obviously being drawn by the Lord because of her friends testimony. She was near to asking Jesus into her heart when the devil sent one of his servants to stop her. An older woman who was Catholic, but had no relationship with Jesus Christ, interrupted our conversation and said “You were baptized once, you need not be baptized again!” Now I had said nothing about baptism, but had simply asked the woman if she would pray with me to receive Jesus Christ into her heart as Lord. The young woman had shared with me how her “born again” friend had a wonderful peace. She wanted to give her life to Jesus too! But this older woman had now come to put doubt into her mind. At one point, as the older woman, a Catholic, continued to interrupt, the younger woman silenced the lady saying “I have a friend that is born again, and I want to hear what this man has to say!” So the older woman finally walked away. Again, the younger woman's heart was softened, and although she didn't pray with me, I felt she had received the word of God and I told her to get alone with the Lord and surrender her heart to Jesus.

During the day, there was lots of mockery. Seems strange to hear mockery with an Irish accent. One man, with his shirt buttoned halfway down, like a pimp, exposing his medallion of Mary on the chain around his neck, tested me asking “Do you believe in the virgin Mary?” He had taken a tract from me and was popping it repeatedly by closing it and “popping” it open. I replied “Oh yes! I believe that the virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus … but I do not pray to her!” He looked me directly in the eyes and said “I bind you devil!” repeatedly. Interestingly, he never used the name of Jesus to bind the devil, which he supposed that I had because I failed to accept the false doctrine of Mary (idol) worship. He finally walked away. I later learned that Michael met this man on a different occasion. The man was drunk and smoking, and again was binding the devil in Michael. Interesting since he himself appeared to have been the one captive to the devil.

In front of the park, Michael and I had swarms of “punk rock” type teens with pin pierced faces, dressed in black, wearing satanic symbols. They mocked us, but one in the group would then ask a question, then they all would listen to the answer. This generated LOTS of questions as the others would bombard us with more questions. We may have spent 6 or more hours here answering their questions, and finally winning the hearts of some, letting us pray for them, but still too prideful to pray in front of their friends.

These teens were in amazement as they heard, for the first time in their lives, the true gospel from the perspective of the word of God, and not the philosophy of the Catholic church. As we opened the Bible to read what they had never heard, they would look at the pages intently as we read. I prayed with 6 who received Christ during the day. (see photo #1)

As the guard was closing the park and we were leaving, a drunken Catholic man, nearly stumbling from his drunkenness, asked me “How many times did Jesus fall?” Although the Catholic church teaches he fell 3 times, it is nowhere recorded in the scriptures, so I didn't answer him. He pressed his angry drunken face into mine and screamed “How many times did Jesus fall?” This time he pushed me, then grabbed my cross and pushed me again. I looked over at the guard, who was closing the park, hoping for help. But the drunk backed off returning to his friends.

William and his wife Anna, precious saints whom I met in the park, told me their testimony. (See photo #2) An Irish, spirit filled, Messianic Jew (a Jew that is Christian), shared how he had been street preaching in Cork for many years. In 1984, a Catholic priest hired 2 military soldiers to kill him. He was shot in the face, chest and a third bullet penetrated another part of his body. By the grace of God, he lived. 10 years later, they shot him again. But he refuses to give up and continues to preach the gospel today and was a blessing as he helped us minister to the many people we met throughout the evening. We saw him again the next day, preaching on St. Patrick Street.

(Update 5-30-2007. William writes "Thank you for your email. Hi Brian this is to let you know that the justice department got onto the police in my area. I met with an inspector of the police who told me that its very possible that they will open my case regarding me being shot in 1984 the men responsible could now be brought before the court in our city for trying to murder me."

5/20     Sunday

Found sweet fellowship at Donnybrook Pentecostal church. Two brothers from the church, Paul and Kieron, drove us to the beach. I believe that 4 people prayed with us to receive Christ as we passed out tracts and ministered the gospel to the sun bathers. It was a sunny day.


5/21     Monday

Took bus to Waterford.

5/22     Tuesday

(Photo 3)

Walked Waterford on John Street, which is a marketplace. Four school girls stopped to ask questions. I believe some good seed was planted although none prayed with me. Michael contended with 3 Mormons. We spent many hours in the open marketplace as people would come ask questions. At lunch time, many high school kids came. If one would have the boldness to ask a question, the crowd of friends would follow. I had the joy of leading 4 or 5 of them to Christ.

Michael and I both had a time of open air preaching here. I read all of the 3rd chapter of John and then preached the salvation message.

A man and his wife came over to contend with me about praying to Mary. This is the litmus test here in Ireland. If your of the Catholic faith, you must hold to the false teaching of the worship and prayer to Mary. The Bible says that the litmus test of those who are in the faith is whether or not Jesus lives inside of you. (2 Cor. 13:5)

Another man was intrigued with us and asked if we would be interviewed on his radio program. He too was raised Catholic but now he was agnostic, but clearly seemed to be interested in what we had to share. So we had about a half hour program of declaring the gospel  to the listeners.


5/23   Wednesday

Took bus to Dublin. Our hotel prices are now toping $100 American for the only room we could find.  A saint we met at the Christian bookstore, Valmai, blessed us with the second night in Dublin in her apartment at no cost. She had not yet moved into it.

5/24  Thursday
Michael and I walked O'Connell Street. As we started, I met a boy in his teens. He received the gospel and prayed with me to receive Christ. An older man had listened as I ministered to the youth. After the boy left, the old man spoke to the youth, then the old man came to me and said “You should be reported to the police for picking up young boys!”  He was offended that I had preached the gospel which is contrary to the Catholic church. Interesting how the gospel is an offense to these Catholics who claim to be the true church. But when one turns to Christ, repenting of his sins, he has “Left the church”. How sad!

The man harassed Michael and I for awhile before giving up and leaving.

I then met Azeez, a Muslim. The Lord blessed me with many scriptures through the Bible which showed the deity of Jesus Christ, proving that Jesus was the “son of God”. This is the first Muslim of which I have had the joy of praying with to receive Christ Jesus as Lord, the son of God. He was very grateful and I left him with his first Bible.

There seemed to be many mockers as I walked the cross down this very large and busy street. 3 teenage girls prayed to receive Christ while a man sitting nearby, challenged my beliefs and questioned the authority of the word of God. “The Bible was written by man!” he protested, as did many others along our trip. He knew he was a sinner but would not repent. But then he asked me “Do you believe in the blessed virgin?” Once again, sinners headed to hell, and yet they want to test me by the virgin Mary instead of my relationship with Jesus Christ. I responded as I wrote previously and he then wanted to argue with me. All in vain as his soul is still hell bound without Jesus Christ. When I prayed with the girls to receive Christ, he was angry with me and said I shouldn't talk to young girls, the very same young girls he had been making passes at. The girls told him to “Mind your own business!”

It was now growing late, and I crossed over to Michael's side of the road. The drunkards were getting worse and their numbers were increasing. I rarely feel frightened but tonight I was feeling the fear of the situation (and on O'Connell Street of all places). It was much like the drunken crowd of Mardi Gras, but a bit more violent. One man said to me “They will kill you out here!” The drunks were screaming at us, asking questions but had no desire to hear the answer.

In the midst of the battle with the drunks, one woman took my tract. She said “Can I have another for my friend?” So I gave her another. Then she stepped back to me and asked “What religion are you?” I said “I am a born again Christian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ!” Her reply was “Born again?” and she thrust the tracts back into my hand and left. It was clear, she was Catholic.

I was unaware of this, but a drunken woman was on her knees behind me, trying to light my robe on fire. But her lighter wouldn't ignite. Michael's family was there at this point of time, and Mary, Michael's daughter, grabbed the woman's arm and was crying “Please stop!” she pleaded with the woman. The woman stopped.

One drunkard was very violent, screaming at me with his forehead nearly against mine. I couldn't shake him and kept saying “Jesus loves you!” Others were also screaming at me and I finally said “Michael, let's GO!” I began to leave and Michael also started to leave but the same drunk grabbed his cross by the wheel. Michael said “Thank you! Thank you for not letting me leave you!” The man was screaming at Michael also and Michael said “Pray with me!” The man continued to scream and Michael repeated “Say, Jesus, help me” after several attempts, the man started praying the “Our Father”. Michael said again “Say, Jesus Help me!” and the drunk began to repeat these words. “…Jesus set me free from Alcohol, set me free from drugs…” and the man repeated these words with Michael. The other drunks were still raging against Michael and this man, now born of God, turned to his drunken friends and pushed them away saying “Shut up!” He was now defending us and the next thing I know is this man was hugging Michael and near weeping. It was clearly a miracle of God.   (Photo 4)

On the way back to the apartment, I met Brian, who was drunk, but prayed with me to receive Christ. We also ran into 5 Mormons and had a small contention with them.

North Ireland


5/25     Friday

Took bus to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

5/26    Saturday

Another long day from noon until midnight walking the cross. Walked Wellington Place to the city hall. Today was a parade for the mayor and we were right in the middle of it. We now were meeting, many more Christians than in Ireland. In Ireland, it was very rare to meet ANY other Christians. There were 3 other Christian men, late in years, who spent the day with us handing out tracts. (Photo 5) Michael had a swamp of souls who surrounded him as he was in front of the city hall, which was like a park. I had many conversations throughout the day, but no salvations. I walked up the street and met a Jew, who claimed to be atheist. I spent much time with him, sharing the gospel, of which he listened and even let me pray for him. He even repeated a prayer with me that the Lord, if He truly is real, would reveal himself to him.

The Police cars here are all armored cars. (Photo 6) At one point, a man had Michael by the throat and a police officer had to take the man away. We took a hamburger break at Burger King, on the corner of the street where we had been all day. A drunken woman came in and seeing us in our robes she asked where we were from. Her husband yelled at her “Come on! Their religious fanatics, didn't you see their crosses out front?” He then stormed away as she stayed, resisting him pulling on her arm. As she was leaving she shook my hand. I held it tight and prayed for her. She smiled and had her son come and asked me to pray for him too. Her husband, now furious, grabbed her again saying “Come on! Get away from those freaks!” She left, being dragged away, but continued to look at us with a smile.

We then walked the cross down Bedford street and Dublin road where all the night life was at. It was alive with people going to bars, movie theaters, restaurants ect.  Every business we passed, the people would all stare through the glass as we passed by with the crosses. One man, whom we bought a hamburger, followed us saying that we were headed for a dangerous place and warned us not to go there. But we never encountered the man's danger he feared. I met some Catholic men, the first of whom I can say they were born of God. But then we still had some conversations about some of the false doctrines of the Catholic church. Although it was a sunny day, it was now raining as we retired at near 1 AM.



5/27      Sunday

Traveled by bus and ferry to Glasgow, Scotland. The ferry had restaurants, McDonalds, a bar, shops, much like the cruise ships. Even on the ferry, as we wore Christian shirts, the drunks would make mockery of us. This nation was full of mockers.

5/28      Monday

Walked Glasgow. A cold rainy day, with occasional sun shine, then more rain.

The Scottish accent was very difficult to understand.

A group of teenage girls asked me what I was doing. I preached to them the born again message of salvation and one of them, a rebellious one, replied “My Mother says we don't need to be born again because we are Catholics!” I replied “Does that mean that being a Catholic makes you exempt from what Jesus said in John chapter 3?” After much explanation, 2 of the 4 girls prayed to receive Christ. The rebellious girl then tried to persuade one of the 2 new believers that she didn't need to be born again, and then dragged her back to me saying, “We don't want to be born again, how do you get un-born again?” as though there was a method to get her friend free from being saved and back into slavery of satan. I said “There is only one way to lose your salvation, and I hope you never do this, and that is to renounce Jesus Christ!”

I might add that this is the ultimate result of a backslider who has returned to their sins of their wretched past, unless they repent and return to Christ. They ultimately renounce Christ.

At the end of the day, I was speaking to a man, then I heard another man yelling in a distance, but couldn't make out his words. I turned to see a man standing on a garbage bin, preaching. “I carry a cross like these men…” I heard him say, and then I knew it was our brother John Edwards, whom I have been writing to by e-mail this past year. We called him by phone this morning and he knew we were in Glasgow and had come to meet us. I had never met John face to face before, and now I have had the pleasure of meeting him. He carried the cross throughout all of Ireland and the United Kingdom in years past. He was a drug addict whom the Lord set free. (Photo 7)

John shared with us the horrible past of Ireland, who would sacrifice the blood of their children to their goddess called “Mother Ireland”. Wales also has such a horrible bloody history of child sacrifice.


5/29     Tuesday

Took bus to Edinburgh. Very expensive and only hotel we could find was $150   American per night.
(Photo 8)

5/30     Wednesday

Walked Edinburgh. It was pouring down rain and cold, so I could not hand out many tracts as they would get drenched in the rain and my hands were too frozen to handle them. The clear ponchos acted as wind breakers and kept in the warmth. So I simply walked the cross. One young man prayed with me to receive Christ. Near the end of our walk, we met two brothers in Christ handing out Chick tracts. The rain had passed and the sun began to shine, but it was still cold and the wind cut to the bone.



5/31       Took bus to Manchester. While traveling on the bus, I noticed the clear plastic cover on the floor under my feet of the magazine the two young men in front of me were reading. It was a pornographic magazine. So I opened my Bible and started reading out loud, Ephesians chapter 2, 4, 5 and Romans 6, 7 and 8. It took me a while to read, and the two men were under conviction evidenced by their occasional look back in my direction. I guess others too were under conviction as Michael shared with me later.

Manchester is a dirty city. There had been race riots here in Oldham this week, a suburb of Manchester, and it was on the news daily. Police vehicles were set on fire as they warred against the police throughout the night. While waiting for Michael to take the luggage to the room, I had some scammers trying to get money from me.

6/1     Walked Manchester. A cold and rainy day, as it seems to be often here this far north. The first guy I met was not saved, but his father was. He wanted to carry my cross for me so I let him. Afterwards, he prayed with me to receive Christ Jesus as Lord. I witnessed to many people throughout the day. While talking to a Catholic young man whose uncle had died of cancer, I found that he accepted that these things will happen and his heart was still tender towards the Lord, though he was not yet saved. Another young man with a friend came with much anger saying “God killed my son!” I had been explaining to the first man about the spirit of death, which is an enemy of God (1 Cor. 15:26) and said “Satan comes and kills our loved ones, and then he points his finger at God accusing Him saying `If God is so good, then why did he kill your loved one'. So then we get mad at God and go off and serve Satan.”  He took his bottle of Coke and poured it out on me and left.  He later returned and his friend told Michael “My friend needs to be saved!”  And then Michael prayed with the man to receive Christ. (Photo 11)

We had some heavy disputes with Muslims and when I would read 1 John 5:10-12, they got angry as I told them that the scriptures say that Muhammad called God a liar since Muhammad denied that Jesus is the son of God.



6/2     Took bus to Cardiff, Wales.  The city was totally packed with people, so that, as we rode into the city on the bus, the streets and sidewalks had NO space whatsoever.  I thought “Oh no! Something is going on here and there will be NO vacancies in the hotels.” So we got off the bus and found out that the Wales vs. Poland soccer game was today, and the stadium was directly across the street from the bus station. (Photo 9) Michael searched for a room while I watched the baggage with Michael's family. There were NO vacancies anywhere. So we then bought the only tickets left for Bristol, which was on the 6:30 bus. Since it was only 3PM, we put the crosses together and walked a small portion of the city. Everyone was now in the stadium so the city streets were somewhat empty. To our amazement, the game was over at 4:30 PM and the flood of souls from Poland and Wales came storming out of the stadium, and they flooded past the two crosses which we held. Again, the mockery was terrific as these drunken people were much like the Mardi Gras crowd. But, glory to God, the Lord had positioned us strategically at this very spot for the 10,000 souls who came for the game. We then put the crosses away and waited for our 6:30 bus. The bus station was flooded with these soccer fans from both teams and as they boarded the bus, a group from the English men picked up shopping carts, bottles and other objects and attacked the Polish fans as they boarded. The Polish fans retaliated by fighting back and there was a bloody war taking place in the bus station as we stood in amazement. Police came flooding into the station to bring back control. No wonder 1 Cor. 6:9-10 says drunkards will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God. Everywhere we go, drunkards are violent and have NO peace.    (Photo 10)

So we spent about 5 hours in Cardiff, Wales, and traveled on towards Bristol, England.


6/3     Walked Bristol. Met 3 men who were having a cup of coffee in the square and one of them began asking questions. They were all in Alcoholics Anonymous and I must have spent an hour with Mark as he was clearly being drawn by the Lord. I prayed for him before leaving. Michael had gone ahead of me and apparently had been threatened by the police that he would go to jail for preaching against sexual sins and speaking out against Islam and other false religions.

After walking past a chapel built by John Wesley, we saw a man preaching in the square, who would have looked like John Wesley. His name is Peter Young and we later spent the evening over dinner with Peter enjoying sweet fellowship together. As he preached, we took position nearby with the crosses and passed out tracts. A demon possessed woman with dregs (matted, scummy, dirty hair that hasn't been washed in months). She wore tight black cloths and had pins pierced in her nose and face. She screamed out “This man is a liar!” and continued to preach a very demonic doctrine of heresies saying Jesus was married and had children and other perverse things, sometimes riding her bicycle in circles as she raged out against us. Peter simply continued to preach over her voice and even using her as an example of one who is perishing without Christ. Her commotion brought much attention to us as people stopped to watch and then this hardened crowd began to take tracts from us to read what we are all about. Satans servant was defeating Satans work as people were now stopping to listen to the gospel and read our tracts.   (Photo 12)

One young man with his girlfriend took my tract and mockingly walked over to the trash bin and dropped it in. The crowd watched as I walked over to the bin, reached in and pulled out the tract. Then I returned where I had stood. I believe the mother of this child had encouraged her to do so, but a precious little girl about 4 walked over to me and asked “Could I have one of your papers?” so I gave her the tract.  She walked over to the bench with her mother holding a newborn, and her sister of about 2 years older in age. She then, laughingly, tore my tract into pieces and tossed it into the trash next to her. My jaw dropped open in disbelief. I knew her mother had tempted her to do this. So I walked over to the trash bin, the child ran over to the other side of the bench behind her mother. I reached in and collected the torn pieces, never taking my eyes off of the child who was now hiding from me. The mother said “I'm a Christian” in a mocking manner. I took the torn pieces and walked back to where I had stood. I believe the child was under great conviction of her sin.


6/4     Monday.     
Took bus to London. Prior to the bus trip, Michael's tooth was infected throughout the trip and today at 4:30 AM, he went to get it pulled, but the 24 hour dental office was booked and he got antibiotics from the doctor instead.

6/5     Tuesday.    

Walked to the Buckingham Palace. As we started, I contended with a Muslim who wanted to escape the error of his doctrine by claiming the Bible was inaccurate and cannot be trusted. Most Muslims use this tactic as do Catholics, Mormons and other cults in order to defeat the truth of Gods word and introduce their false doctrines which are taking souls to hell. I then met a man who claimed to be a Spiritist. I explained the born again message and the work of the Holy Spirit, the gift God gives to those who are born of His Spirit and he received the message. I believe that he is being drawn by the Lord to become a son of God by faith in Jesus Christ. He is seeking truth and will find it.

I then met a man who was very confused and he asked me what I was doing with his fence pole, as he looked at my cross. He seemed to be near violent and I was sure he was using the cross, claiming it was his fence pole, to start a fight. I continued to preach his need to repent and be saved. He finally left. A Catholic young man then contended with me and I shared many of the errors of the Catholic doctrine.

In front of the Buckingham Palace, I parked the cross while Michael was still a block behind preaching to a group of young people. The police stopped and said I could not preach here and should go to “Preachers corner” to preach. (Preachers corner was about a mile away).  I said “I'm not preaching, I'm just standing here with the cross, and when people come talk to me I tell them about Jesus!” He simply didn't want me here so he came up with another excuse.  “There is much controversy in Israel and Palestine. If the Queen should see you, she might start asking questions and we don't want controversy.” I told him I would leave. As I walked away from the Palace, Michael was coming in. So we decided to leave the Palace by going out the other direction, which would take us right out front of the Palace again. As we did so, another police officer stopped and Michael said “I know you don't want us here, we are not going to stop but want to walk to the other side. Hey man! Could you take a picture of us?” as he held out his camera. The police officer took our picture and left. So as we walked in front of the Palace, many tourists stopped us and wanted to take our pictures in front of the Palace. The police patiently (or impatiently) watched us as we walked through. Praise the Lord!   (Photo 13)

6/6     Wednesday.

Walked Oxford street in London, a major shopping area. (Photo 14) It looked like New York city type of crowd. I had some Muslims get very angry at me, one almost wanted to kill me as I continued to read 1 John 5:10-12 and explained that Muhammad called God a liar, and no true profit of God calls God a liar!

At another intersection, lots of teens dressed like Satanists contended with me over the faith. They had lots of questions and I believe that we had won the hearts of some of them as they even received pocket Bibles from us. At the same intersection, we met Israel, a converted Hindu, whom has been street preaching and passing out tracts in New York and London for 17 years. Jesus Christ miraculously delivered him from Alcohol and illicit sex. He gave Michael and I a book of his testimony. You can read his testimony by clicking HERE!

As we returned to the hotel, we again passed by Buckingham Palace and the police watched us carefully as we passed.

6/7     Thursday.   Michael took his family out to enjoy the day. We flew home on 6/8, Friday.

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