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Thanks for checking out the New Edge all new flash site.

A warning for slow connections:
This Flash site was developed to show off some of the capabilities of Flash and the internet and may not play well on slow connections (28.8 or slower). I have tried to optimize it as much as possible but it may take a while to load some of the menu items. However, once each item is loaded the site will stream nicely.

The flash page requires the Flash 4 plugin


If you do not see an animation above then you do not have the flash 4 player, Click here to get it. Since this site is still in development feel free to send email if you have a problem with anything.

It is possible that this site will not work in IE 4.5 on mac os 9 due to some technical issues, that should be resolved with IE 5.0 or IE 4.0. Netscape however, should work fine.


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