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If you seen the career track record of Pops Fernandez
you will notice something interesting about it. How it is
so lopsided at times but in other areas so overwhelming.
Though her movie career at times has been lukewarm 
at best, the anticipating for her follow-up movie to her
last 'best-actress' nominated one is getting catchy.

While she has released about 10 albums the last 17 years
she has very few minor hit singles and only a few platinum
albums. He last two albums did 'only' gold and she's about 
to release another one this Nov. But.. it has to be said
that she is undeniably the only Pinoy artist we know about
that has consistently sold out 15,000-plus seats concert halls

But people wonder why she's called the 'Concert Queen.' One
of the few tags that can garner some real respect over here.

It's true Regine Velasquez is looking way better considering she
filled the Araneta Dome's 17,500-plus seats two days in a row
and is planning to do plenty more shows soon. But that's after
having a half-dozen albums go multi-platinum and having close
to 25 plus smash hit songs from them. Her album 'R2K' might 
become the first album in the Philippines to sell more than a
million copies From a single album.
! Yet Pops barely even had a 
 major hit in her last two albums. But sure as day come December
2nd, all roads to her concert hall will be packed by cars for miles
around. And people still bother to wonder she's called the 'Queen'?


She's an awesome concert artist. That's why.