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K u h  L e d e s m a

She's considered to be 
' first diva superstar '



 Anyone remember one of Kuh's first big hit? 
She combined Barry Manilow-Elton John tunes
into one song-
" This One's For You/Your Song "
Years before it became a standard practice.



Kuh was once in a Mel Gibson Movie -
" The Year of Living Dangerously "
( You can't miss her part there.) 

Kuh was also a judge in the Miss Universe Contest.
There was some kidding that after she was introduced
alot of people would have probably voted her
more beautiful than alot of the contestants.

She released one album in the US. A full-blown
billboard of the album could be seen by anyone driving 
Sunset Blvd, California during it's promotion. 

Her shows in the 80's were really interesting to say
the least. She once did a number in roller skates.

In another she did got down on her knees and did this
wild hair dance you probably wouldn't see anywhere else 
except maybe down
Field's Avenue. 

But that's one of the things music fans
 like about her. Her ability to change, adapt and still
keep the charm and grace so many still love about her.

OK.. fine. I just like to see her do that hair dance one more time . .