In April 2000, Kevin starred in an Italian television commercial for 'Valleverde' shoes, from which the large pictures loading below were taken. The advertisement was created by the Agency 'Max International' of Bologna, Italy,  produced by 'Movie Magic International' and directed by Zack Snyder. It was filmed in LA. during the weekend 24-26th April 2000.

The central message of the advertising campaign was that the freedom of walking is so much more beautiful than the chaos of driving in traffic, and that Valleverde are the most beautiful and comfortable shoes you can wear. The involvement of Movie Magic International was crucial since it has contacts with and a good reputation in Hollywood. Likewise the Director, Snyder, who has previously directed Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford and Catherine Zeta Jones in commercials.

The Story Board:

The TV ad itself depicted a chaotic city scene with Kevin Costner in a taxi that is stuck in a traffic jam.A close up shows him surveying the scene intensely, with an  increasing desire to escape. But then he notices such a special moment - a young child on the nearby pavement (sidewalk) is taking its first steps. Filled with the emotion of seeing this he 'seizes the moment', gets out of the taxi, takes off his jacket and starts beating on the bonnets (hoods) of all the cars inviting the drivers to come and walk with him! Gradually 5 -10 people, and then 20 plus, get out of their cars and join him. Women, businessmen and young people rediscover the joy of walking because they are wearing comfortable shoes....
The commercial ends with Kevin reminding people how beautiful Vallaverde shoes are (hence he is pointing at his shoes in the first pic!). The tune 'Love is in the Air', which has become an anthem for the company, played throughout the commercial  


Watch Kevin in this commercial here:

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