Kevin's appearance on a German TV Gameshow

Wetten Dass? is a GermanTV Game Show shown on Saturday evenings.  A large number of celebrities, actors, singers and well known bands have appeared on the show over the years. The premise of the 'game' is that members of the public claim they can carry out a seemly impossible (or just downright wacky!) feat. The celebs have to decide whether it can be done, hence the 'bet'. If they are wrong they are given a forfeit.

Kevin appeared  on Saturday 17th March 2001 which was the Show's 20th Anniversary. His fellow guests, as you have seen, were Peter Ustinov (sadly looking rather frail) and Janet Jackson among others.

Kevin's challenge was to bet on whether a guy could take the tops off 10 beer-bottles with a power saw without knocking a single bottle over, hence Kevin being the only guest to be given a bottle of beer: Kevin decided that the guy would not succeed.....
The guy came on wearing protective gear and proceeded to take the bottle tops clean off the bottles using a huge power saw. He didn't knock any over!  Kevin was up on his feet, beer bottle in hand, watching the guy. Kevin's1st  forfeit  for being wrong was to eat some sweet confectionary:
Then Kevin had to play miniature golf: