The project began as Atom Taishi ("Ambassador Atom"), but soon adopted its more familiar title, which can also translate as "Mighty Atom."  The plotline, set in the year 2000, concerned the Institute of Science's Dr. Tenma, who out of grief over the traffic accident death of his own son, built a rocket-powered robot in the dead boy's image.  The robot, Tetsuwan Atom, had in addition to the usual super-strength and ability to fly the grow into manhood, and eventually sold the creature to a circus (shades of Pinocchio).  Atom was brutalized in the Robot Circus by greedy Ringmaster Hamegg.  He was rescued by kindly Dr. Ochanomizu, who adopted him and took him to the Institute of Science.  Already programmed by Dr. Tenma to be "a good little boy," Atom was influenced by Dr. Ochanmizu's goodness and altruism into adopting a like of crime fighting a not inconsiderable task, since his foes included mad doctors, space aliens, mind control freaks and an evil giant robot know as "Colosso."


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