What the Hell Is My Problem?
(Or How Too Much of Everything Can Kill You)

Excuses, excuses, excuses Explanations, explanations, explanations
Damn!  I feel like an ass.  I mean that.  You know last year things were looking great for me to start this project again and then BLAM! life just decides I need way too much stuff going on at the same time.  Hey, don't feel sorry for me.  So much of it was good stuff--my wonderful boys getting bigger and having more homework, my house rhythms changing, construction, learning to put in crown moulding and casings, backyard remodelling, work--damn those freshman compositions!--and the rest.  My siblings decided to reappear in my life and then have some major life problems--can you say "you must try to connect with them?"

So where does that leave you and the ConnieAbby? 

Well, my friends, that left you shit out of luck--sorry.  I had to drop something and this labor of love--let's be honest there is no money here-- was put aside.  In short, too much life kept me from managing this site.  Please don't be too angry with me.  I'm working on finding a place for it in my weeks--I want to.  But The Con-Ab is a bit like love affair gone wrong.  I can't trust this lover and it can't trust me.  So where does that leave us?  Counselling? 

I think not.

I have brought in a crack team of  helpers (victims) to help with the site.  They are:  Sammo and the legendary Latin Dragon.  Not only are they as frickin' weird as I am--kindred spirits--but they understand the vision I have for art and poetry.  This should result in more attention here.

By the way, I am feeling better these days and I will be getting my butt on line more.  Sorry (I'll just throw them in through out, okay?)

Some days have been very tiring.  Creativity and the maintenance of this site have just not been possible.  The only things that seemed possible were computer games--a great passion of mine--or watching football and basketball (other great obsessions) or watching anime (you guessed it, another obsession!)


The stress was seriously too much for me and my shut down had to occur.  Christmas and January were busy--I taught what we call intersession at the college--a 4 week Freshman composition--a total mind numbing experience.  And you waited--especially you submitters--for me to do something and I didn't, except perhaps watch Sportscenter and drink a stout. (Sorry, but they soothed the soul).

Sorry again.

I know what you are thinking.  I do.  Will, you selfish bastich, what in God's green earth do you think we face and we submit to you and you keep us hanging!  Are you evil?  Wicked and a fool?

no, no, yes.

I suck.  Okay?  I'm sorry.  Okay?

Can we just get on with it?

Now I feel better. I've asked for forgiveness and have sucked it up enough.    Send more stuff.  Email me and see what happens.

Remember:  It's all free and run by three crazed fools with unique attitudes and a need for specifics in poems.  We'll try our best and fail periodically.

If you can't live with that, then find another site. No hard feelings and no more apologies, my friends.

Check out the new poems, the new comix, the rest and check us again soon.


Read on, read on, read on...