What's it all About?

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The Concrete Abstract is dedicated to the physical world and our relationship to it.

We believe all abstracts are best discussed in the concrete world.  Hell, we like concrete, asphalt, pea gravel and decorative bark.  We believe it can show us more about life than say "soul," "heart" and "love."  Frankly, we can see those and they only exist for us in the concrete world.

Maybe we are slow, dim-witted slackers.  Perhaps though, we are trying to take back poetry and return its freshness.  Naw, we're just dense.

Anyway, The CA basks in the gleam of clean carberators and filthy sonnets. 

Remember:  there are no bad subjects, just stinky poems that won't make it on the site.

And hey, this is a labor of love with no pay for those involved.   Free time can be hard to come by.  Updates can vary as a result.  The quickest can be weekly while the longest can be a few months (hopefully those days are over).     

Will, the editor, has a personal vision of poetry, fiction and art  that doesn't always match the rest of the academic or poetic world.  He mixes writing with the rest of his life, actually seeking out the distinctly common, popular and "unrefined."

He's a contrarian and verbal dadaist with a penchant for the classic fool (you know, that smart one the king puts up with but usually doesn't kill).

He loves those fine poetic subjects, including football, hamburgers, basketball, pickaxes, sod, digital cable and Jackie Chan.

"Gabba gabba hey gabba gabba" makes perfect sense to him. 


People, let me make this clear:

I need poems, short stories, art, books to review, interesting sites to add to my links and whatnot.

Send submissions to me at concreteabstract@hotmail.com.  Send me jpegs for art.  Cut and paste those poems right into the email.  Do the same for those stories.  Query me about book reviews and website to review.

Send me stuff.  I am humane, honest and open minded.

I look forward to hearing from you.