The dada server:  Find out your secret name and other useless yet compellling

dada info.

Haiku-o-matic:  See the incredible haiku producer and become a part of the fun!

Frigidaire's contest for the oldest working frig has winners.  Come see!  Come see!

National Football League:  All the smashmouth, overpaid and busted-joint recaps and predictions a fan can take.  Email me if you want to get in the concreteabstract fantasy football league for the 2002 season! (I'm not kidding!  I want 16 football fans)

Electronic Poetry Center:  All kinds of good poetry links for the web.   Like comix?  Like free comix?  Like online free comix?  Try these.

Action channel:  Yep, I like big explosions, @$$-whoopin' martial artz and gun fights.  Got a problem with that?  Are you a poet or a mouse?  Well Squeaky, here you can find what's on for the whole blasted month.

Planet Half-Life:  The essential site for the greatest first person shooter ever made.   Get Mods and other cool goodies.  Don't have Half Life?  Shame on you.   Get it.  Then go to Counter Strike and Day of Defeat, two great free online additions to the Half Life universe.  CounterStrike centers on terrorist and counter terrorist forces while Day of Defeat is based on WWII.  Play it and you'll be hooked.

The Onion: Funny news that my friend John just keeps sending me articles from.  See if John's right.  Funny? Is Johnny Boy right?

Giggle poetry:  Lots of kids used to love poems, before something terrible--English classes and explication--happened to them.  Share that initial love with a little snot you know or relive your initial love affair.

News of the Weird:  Do you really need more on this one? 

Peoplesound:   I love free mp3 and this cool Brit site.  Get yourself some Ronsons, Green and Yellow Television, Super Delta Three, Tim Stone, Landspeed Loungers .  You'll be glad you did.