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It was a success for all of us this summer at Trails End Cheerleading Camp! We came back with 2 trophies and tons of superior ribbons! Congrats!



To the varsity squad for earning their superior trophy! As a result, they earned a spot to be in Florida this winter to perform in the pre-season show at the CITRUS BOWL! A whole week in Orlando, FL.!
Click HERE to find out more about the Florida trip!

Due to what has been happening around the world, and in NY and Washington, there was much concern on the cheerleaders safety in Florida. The varsity squad will no longer be participating in the pre-season game for UCA this winter. Even though we all wanted to go, our safety comes first.
Instead, we are planning a ski-trip around that time with all cheerleaders in the poconos.



Morgan Gregg-*Captain

Amanda Gibison-*Captain

Jennie Yardley-*Captain

Nicki DeForest


Jill Jancuska

Amy Gonzales

Kelly Williams

Alayna Avery

Christine Merrill

Zainabe Nuridden


Jessie Garvey

Brooke Hughes

Jen Harris

Valerie Valent

Dana Cross

Theresa Pusey



Choya McNeil-*Senior Captain

Jhayde White


Amy McAdams

Alison Lorentz


Arindia Taylor

Nicole Mueller


Marli Lougheed

Brittany Vagnini

Eleanor Levin-*Captain

Amanda Avery-*A-Captain

Carly Labonte

Jackie Stein

Amber Healy


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