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Fall and Winter Calendar and Update

ComSET Spring 2016
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Community Support for Employment Transition

             60 Forest Park Avenue, Larchmont, NY 10538
ComSET_10553@Lycos.COM  http://www.ComSET.

 Fall Trimester Networking Updates and Resources


Fall 2008 Calendar

ComSET is a community support group providing support to individuals in areas of employment transition.  Our services are provided free of charge and are open to the public.   


We meet weekly at the Larchmont Avenue Church on the 2nd floor.  For information please contact Ms. Davis at 914-665-3272.  For directions please call the Larchmont avenue Church at 914-834-1800.

Are you in a Dead End Role or a Tired Job Search join us at ComSET to make a change in your situation.  ComSET offers help with:

    Job Search Strategies                                   Resume Development

     Career Change Strategies                          Interview Coaching

     Self Marketing Techniques                        Network Support

Are you in a Dead End Role or a Tired Job Search join us at ComSET to make a change in your situation.  ComSET offers help with:

-    Job Search Strategies                             -  Resume Development

-   Career Change Strategies                      -  Interview Coaching

-     Self Marketing Techniques                    -   Network Support


New York, NY  Networking  

Networking for Professionals
Groups meet regularly in the
New York area for networking and leads

Tuesday 9th September 2008
Shakers and Stirrers New York
Wednesday 17th September 2008
Power Lunch New York


This day, I thankfully accept all the good things that are coming my way.
This day is full of excitement, love, energy, health and prosperity.
This day, I think and practice health in my life, refusing to accept anything less than perfect health.
This day, I focus on the moment and give no thought to the past or to the future.
This day, I spend in total enjoyment of what I do.
This day, I fill with loving thoughts and actions toward myself and all other people.
This day, I spend in grateful appreciation of all that is mine.
This day, this hour, this minute, this moment is all that I have and I will use it in celebration!

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."
-- James Dean


If you are in transition, unemployed or are anticipating unemployment, and want to be part of a group that is supportive, and has professional resources available to assist you; this could be a good group for you.  ComSET meets every Monday evening at 7:30 PM at The Larchmont Avenue Church on the 2nd fl. For information call    914-665-3272.



Resume Clinics   6:30 

09/08, 10/06, 11/03


Interview Preps    6:30     

09/22 , 10/20, 11/17      
Mock Interviewing with Maureen Morris by Appt.


Meetings begin at 7:00 PM

09/01  No Meeting

09/08   Your Dreams Matter

09/15   Sell Yourself

09/22   Let Your Network Work for You

09/29   Powerful Introductions

10/06   Resume Summaries

10/13       No Meeting

10/20   Telephone Savvy

10/27   Follow – up Calls

11/03   Draw on your Accomplishments

11/10      No Meeting

11/17  Get Ready for the Holidays

11/24  Working with Recruiters

12/01  Resume Critiques

12/08   ComSET Holiday Party

ComSET is Closed on the following dates

    - August 25
    - September 1
    - October 13
    - November 10

Useful websites

Chronicle of Philanthropy

E-learing Solutions program
local meetings and networking
social network with professionals

Just the place for human activities live in harmony with earth's carrying capacity.  


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