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Welcome to the C & S Northern Division web site. This is an On30 layout using mostly Bachmann motors and rolling stock. It is located in my 2-car garage approximately 20 ft x 22 ft.  This layout started as a HO layout in 1993.  In January of 2000 it was converted into an On30 layout.  It is about 80% done. I am hoping that by the end of 2002 the general scenery is done and I can concentrate on the small details that makes a layout special.  It has been a great experience going into this scale.  It is much bigger and you do not need much more room than HO.  The only thing that takes a lot of space is the buildings in O scale.  But using flats and compromising on sizes for the building you can accomplish a lot.  I hope you enjoy this web site and will inspire you to start or continue your endeavors on modeling a railroad.
Nick Biangel