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Division 1
The Southern Division

Here is Jerry (Geraldo Diaz).  He is the most  experienced modeler of the group.  This is his workshop and he is a great  painter.  He is the one responsible for all the paint in  our rolling stock and engines.  He does wonderful work with brass as well as styrene.  He does custom work and repairs for all the hobby shops in the area.  If you need some work done contact him at :

We usually meet in his house and help him in his layout.  Here are some of his work .
He scratch built this diesel from the Alaskan RR.  In the background you can see the engine house he build , one planking at a time.
 A closer look at his engine house and the side machine shop.
a look at his engine facilities with his 2 consolidation that he built from the Bachmann HO Mountain  and On30 moguls.
A closer look  at  his

Division 2