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Welcome to my web page.  This is about my first narrow-gauge layout.
My name is Nicolas E. Biangel.  I live in South Florida and I 've been messing around with model trains all my life.  I was born in January 18, 1956.  That day my father was finishing his H.O. layout while mom was in the hospital giving birth. When dad got to the hospital, I was on earth already and mom was not too happy.  She asked dad where he was and he just told her the truth, "I wanted to finish the trains before the baby was born. I came home and the layout was waiting for me.  It was a big layout, the whole second floor of the house was the layout.  As you know, I grew up in that room.  I've been modeling in H.O. ever since.  There was no other scale, PERIOD.  My father really liked O scale but he did not liked that center rail at all. So H.O. it was and that was it.
Here I am with Dad, (me), mom.

Dad and I never knew about 2 rails O scale, otherwise we would be modeling in O scale a long time ago.  Sad to say, mom and dad passed away in 1997. Dad in January and mom in August.  But he left me a legacy of trains that I will never forget. We never had that generation gap, he was my best friend.
Well, my cousin , Mike he modeled in HOn3, my friend Geraldo (Jerry), he had H.O. layout also.  We all belonged to a club that was HOn3.  Eventually, the club died out and the three of us stuck together.  In  the summer of 1999 I saw the ad on Model Railroader and on the Narrow Gauge Gazette about the new  Bachmann On30 trains.  I got the bug to change scales.   But I had so much invested in HO that I changed my mind and kept the HO stuff.  I mention it to the guys but it was just a wishful thought.  Well, Mike and I were at Jerry's house the first week of January of 2000.  I still had the bug in my ear about the On30.  I mention it to the guys and we did a calculation what it takes to convert our HO layout to an On30 layout.  To make the long story short, in 20 minutes we had made out our minds and converted to On30.  By the end of the month we had On30 equipment running in our layouts .
So we decided to model C & S in three different division.  Jerry lives the farthest south of all three of us, so he is the Southern Division, His layout is the second largest one of all three of us.  Then, my cousin Mike, he lives in the middle, so he is the Central Division.  His layout is the smallest.  It consist of all the club modules that the members donated to him, since he was the one that kept it in his garage.  He converted it from HOn3 to On30.  My, is the largest and I live in the most northern area, so naturally, it is the Northern Division.

Division 1