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Photography is more than a hobby for me. It's a passion, the way I capture and celebrate life. In this album, I've assembled some of my favorite photographs.

8 July 2006
Today, the photos for the wedding have been uploaded and now officially published.  We've expidited the process so there is no order at the moment, due to the recent requests to see the photos.  Over time, the site design will change to meet better streamlined browsing.
4 March 2007
So far, we have no new pictures but we are glad to be back home together.  We'll try to take lots more pictures this year and keep you updated.  God Bless.
15 July 2007
They've arrived and posted, yes, the honeymoon photos are officially on the web.  Sorry for the major delay, it's the price to pay for being so busy.  We really hope you all enjoy them.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

The Cory's Photo Albums