Class Objectives

Upon Completion of this course the student
should be able to

bulletProduce a  series of web pages with effective navigation.
bulletDemonstrate the ability to make effective use of text, Graphics, and several different HTML formatting procedures.
bulletUnderstand and use Meta Tags.
bulletDemonstrate knowledge of how and where to publish their web pages.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
    Discuss students general computer skills 
    Discuss student Internet knowledge 

  2. What is the Internet
    Discuss the history of the internet 
    Discuss URL's and their Meanings 
    Discuss HTML

  3. What Makes a Good Web Page
    Design considerations 
    Loading considerations

  4. Start Building First Web Page
    Discuss HTML format, tags, and anchors
    Discuss Layout of pages and what will be required by the completion of this course.
    Create a template for your web.

  5. Tables
    Why are tables useful
    Attributes of tables 
    How to manipulate a table

  6. Adding graphics to your web pages
    Graphic formats used
    Sizing graphics

  7. Meta Tags and their use in Web pages
    Keywords and Description meta tags
    Other Misc. meta tags

  8. How to publish your pages
    Publish you Web Page to a Tripod account on the internet.
    Submit you Web to search engines




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