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Salamanca Bullfight Museum
Salamanca, Spain

Photos by Sr. F. Mesonero

There are many bullfighting museums in Spain, including several which have web pages. The outstanding museum in Salamanca does not as of now, so we have included photos and details here. If you go to Spain, this museum should not be missed.

While Salamanca was and is known predominately for the raising of bulls, several famous bullfighters also came from this region, including Paco Pallares, El Viti, Juan Jose, Jumillano, Alvaro De La Calle, Victoriano Posada, Nino De La Capea, Jose Ignacia Sanchez, Paco Pavon (not to be confused with the Mexican of the same name who was killed in Mexico City in the 1950s), Jose Ramon Martin, Amoros Chico, Chanito, El Salamanquino, and more.

The museum pays tribute to both the men and bulls of this region with posters, paintings, equipment, and artwork on display.

Museo Taurino de Salamanca
c/ Doctor Pinuela
5-7 banjo
37002 Salamanca, Spain

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