Zabaleta Nicanor Harp music Counterpoint 5509  
Zamfir Georgh, Cellier Marcel Improvisations Cellier 2  
Zappa Frank Tinseltown rebellion CBS 88516  
Zappa Frank The man from utopia CBS 25251  
Zappa Frank & Mothers of Invention In Europe World white WWA 13  
Zawinul Jo Di a lects CBS 26813  
Zeitlin Denny Tidal wave Palo Alto Jazz PA-8044 N  
Zelkowitz Goldie Goldie Zelkowitz Janus JLS 3060  
Zentner Michael Present time Red Music MZ ONE  
Zouc R'alboum! RCA FPL1 0188  
Zulema RSVP RCA APL1-1152  
Zulema Zulema RCA APL1-0819  
Zygoat Zygoat Polydor 2 383 270