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Taggett Taggett EMI EMC 3015  
Tangerine Dream Phaedra Virgin V 2010  
Tangerine Dream Rubycon Virgin 88 754 XOT  
Tangerine Dream Cyclone Virgin 25 843 XOT  
Tarot Tarot CBS 81007  
Taste Taste Polydor 184 214  
Tavares Sky high Capitol C066-82262  
Taw Folk Devonshire cream & cider Sentinel SENS 1030  
Taylor Allan Sometimes Liberty LBG 83483  
Taylor Allan the traveller Rubber  Rub 026  
Taylor Allan Roll on the day Rubber  Rub 040  
Taylor Cecil, Neidlinger Buell New york city r & b CBS S 64723  
Taylor James Mud slide slim Warner 56004  
Taylor Vince Luv' Big Beat BB 804  
Tchaikovsky Pathétique Saga XID 5002  
Tchaikovsky Swan lake Saga 5004  
Tchaikovsky Rome and juliet Saga 5077  
Tchaikovsky Manfred Everest SDBR 3035  
Telemann Georg Philipp Chamber music with recorders Nonesuch H-71065  
Telemann Georg Philipp Concerto in A major, ouverture Nonesuch H-71124  
Tempest Living in fear Bronze 87664 IT  
Ten CC Sheet Music UK Records SLK 17066 P  
Ten years after Ten years after portrait Ken 7  
Tennberg Jean-Marc Monologues et poésies CBS S 64292  
Thee Image Thee Image Manticore 88 922 IT  
Themis John Ulysses and the cyclops Coda 10  
Therapy bringing the house down magnum mag 0009  
Thomas Ray From mighty oaks Threshold 6.22289 AS  
Thomas Timmy You're the song I've always Polydor 2 310 358  
Thompson Barbara' Paraphernalia Barbar Thompson's paraphernalia MCA MCF 2852  
Thompson Barbara' Paraphernalia Mother earth VeraBra 5  
Thompson Barbara' Paraphernalia Pure Fantasy VeraBra 8  
Thompson Barbara' Paraphernalia Live in concert MCA 301 415-406  
Thompson Barbara' Paraphernalia Heavenly bodies VeraBra 15  
Thompson Barbara, Argent Rod Ghosts MCA 204 497  
Thompson Don Country place PM Records PMR-008  
Thompson Don Quartet Beautiful friendship Concord CJ-243  
Thompson Richard Daring adventures Polydor 829 728-1  
Thompson Richard Henry the human fly Island ILPS 9197  
Thompson Richard & Linda First light Chrysalis 6 307 640  
Thompson Richard & Linda Pour down like silver Island ILPS 9348  
Thompson Richard & Linda Sunny vista Chrysalis 6 307 681  
Thorogood George & Destroyers George Thorogood and the Sonet SNTF 760  
Three Dog Night Around the world Dunhill DSY 50138  
Three Dog Night Hard labor Probe C062-95359  
Tiger Goin' down laughing EMI EMC 3153  
Tinkers 'Til the wild birds Fontana 6 438 020  
Tinkers The reluctant patriot Marble Arch MAL 1203  
Titanic Eagle Rock CBS 65661  
Toad The best of toad Hallelujah X 656  
Toan Danny Big foot Sandra SMP 2105  
Tok Paradox Japo 60029  
Tolonen Jukka Tolonen Sonet SNTF 652  
Tom & Smiley Country style Saga FID 2164  
Tonto It's about time Polydor 2 383 308  
Tonto Expanding head band Atlantic SD 18123  
Towner Ralph Blue sun ECM 1250  
Towner Ralph Solo concert ECM 1173  
Trace Trace Philips 6 413 505  
Traffic The low spark of high heeled boys Island ILPS 9180  
Trapeze The final swing Threshold 6.22122 AS  
Treefid's date Treefid's date Fabulous 2103  
Treese Jack Kumberland Horse records HS 4001  
Triple S Connection Triple "S" connection 20th century T597M597BS  
Trower Robin in city dreams Chrysalis 6 307 610  
Turner Clarence Boogie woogie explosion Fidelity FID 2174  
Turrentine Stanley Cherry CTI CTI 6017  
Tusa Frank Father time Enja 2056  
Twentieth century a folk passion reflection rl 305  
Twiggy Twiggy Mercury 9 102 600  
Tyner Mc Coy Asante Blue note BST84445I  
Tyner Mc Coy Looking out CBS FC-38053  
Tyner Mc Coy Fly with the wind Milestones M-9067