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G Kenny Gravity Arista 207 120
Gabriel Peter Peter Gabriel Charisma 6 369 978
Gadd Gang The gadd gang EPic EPC 450413
Gainsbourg Serge L'homme à la tête de chou Philips 9 101 097
Gale Eric In the shade of a tree JVC VIJ 28018
Galeforce Galeforce Fantasy F 9527
Gall France Dancing disco Atlantic 50364
Gall France Débranche Apache 240367-1
Gallagher Rory Jinx Chrysalis 204408-320
Galper Hal Speak with a single voice Enja 4006
Garbutt Vin King Gooden Trailer LER 2102
Gaynor Gloria Glorious Polydor 2 417 314
Geesin Ron As he stands Ron 28
Genesis Live Charisma CLASS 1
Genesis Trespass Impulse AS-9205
Genesis Nursery cryme Philips 6 369 916
Genesis Foxtrot Charisma 6 369 922
Genesis Selling England by the pound Charisma 6 369 944
Genesis The lamb lies down on broadway Charisma CGS 101
Genesis Wind and wuthering Charisma 9 103 114
Genesis A trick of the tail Charisma 6 369 974
Gentle Giant Gentle giant Vertigo 6 360 020
Gentle Giant Acquiring the taste Vertigo Vel 1005
Gentle Giant The power and the glory Vertigo 9 103 001
Gentle Giant In a glass house WWA 6 366 100
Gentle Giant In'terview Chrysalis 6 307 575
Gentle Giant Free Hand Capitol ST-11428
Gentle Giant The official live gentle giant Chrysalis 6 641 579
Gentle Giant Civilian Columbia 7464-36341
Gérard Daniel Atmosphère CBS S 64222
Gershwin George Rhapsodia in blue, un américain Joker SM 3009
Gibbs Mike The only chrome waterfall orch Bronze 89 429 XOT
Gilder Nick City nights Chrysalis 6 307 641
Gilgamesh Another fine tune you've got me in Charly CRL 5009
Gillan Ian Scarabus Island 25 500 XOT
Gilles Jean-Villard Récital n° 5 Philips 625109 PL
Gillespie Dana Ain't gonna play second fiddle RCA CPL1-0682
Giltrap Gordon Perilous journey Electric records TRIX 4
Giordani-Sartori Egida Images pour le clavecin Philips 837.918 LY
Glass Philip Glassworks CBS 73640
Glitter Band Listen to the band Bell BELLS 259
Godfrey Robert John Fall of Hyperion Charisma BT-5167
Godley Kevin, Creme Lol Freeze frame Polydor POLD 5027
Godley Kevin, Creme Lol L Mercury 9 109 611
Godley Kevin, Creme Lol The history mix volume 1 Polydor 825 981
Goldberg Barry Blasts from my past Buddah 6.23139 AO
Goldberg Stu, Palle Danielson Live MPS 68291
Gomez Eddie Gomez Interface YF-7089
Gong Camembert électrique Caroline C 1505
Gong Shamal Virgin 27048 XOT
Gonzalez Our only weapon is our music EMI EMC 3100
Gorrion Misa criolla in rock Hexagone 883001
Gramm Lou Ready or not Atlantic 781 728-1
Greateful Dead Vintage dead Sunflower SUN 5001
Greaves John Accident Europa JP 2010
Greaves John Kew. Rhone. Europa JP 2004
Greaves John Parrot fashions Europa JP 2016
Grech Rick The last five years RSO 2 394 111
Greenslade Greenslade Brain 1027
Greenslade Bedside manners are extra Brain 1042
Greenslade Spyglass guest Warner K 56055
Greenslade Time and tide Mercury 9RM-1-1025
Greenslade Cactus choir Warner K 56306
Greyhound Mango rock Transatlantic TRA 309
Grieg piano conerto in A m Saga XID 5027
Grimes Carole Warm blood Caroline 87 977 ET
Grin & Nils Lofgren The best of EPic PE 34247
Gringo Gringo United artists UA-LA 845 G
Groundhogs Who will save the world? United artists UAG 29237
Groundhogs Black diamond United artists UAS  29994
Groundhogs Crosscut saw United artists UAS 29917
Gruntz George Eternal baroque Atlantic 50 074
Gryphon Gryphon Transatlantic TRA 262
Gryphon Midnight mushrumps Transatlantic TRA 282
Gryphon Red queen to gryphon three Transatlantic TRA 287
Gryphon Raindance Transatlantic TRA 302
Guess Who So long, Bannatyne RCA LPS 4574
Gurvitz Adrian Classic RAK/EMI 1A064-64780
Gypsy Metamorphosis RCA LSP-4775
Gypsy Unlock the gates RCA APL-1 0093