A beautiful thing Laine Cleo RCA SF 8298
A concert for the people (Berlin) Barclay James Harvest Polydor 2 383 638
A door of hope Valley of Achor Dove 18
A folk passion Twentieth century reflection rl 305
A handful of beauty Shakti & John Mc Laughlin CBS 81664
A hard core package Mayall John ABC 25 237 XOT
A little bit of glory Cartwright Dave Transatlantic TRA 255
A new world record Electric Light Orchestra United artists UA-LA 679
A silk purse Spud Philips 9 108 002
A song for all seasons Renaissance Warner K 56460
A Stranger in my Own Back Yard O'Sullivan Gilbert MAM MAM SS 506
A taste of hot pot Aspey Gary & Vera Topic 12TS299
A touch of the Blarney Murphy Noel Music for Pleasure MFP 1287
A wish for a season Kind hearts and English DJM DJF 20490
Absolutely Boxer Epic EPC 82151
Accident Greaves John Europa JP 2010
Acupuncture Burlesque Arista ARTY 151
Adam Faith Faith Adam Warner WB 56 054
Aerie Denver John RCA LSP 4607
Aerie faerie nonsense Enid EMI INS 3012
After dark Morrissey Dick Coda 2
After hours Little river band Harvest C062 82307
Afterhours Bothy Band Mulligan LUN 030
Again Pattersons CBDS 63532
Aïda Verdi Saga 5263
Ain't gonna play second fiddle Gillespie Dana RCA CPL1-0682
Alan Price Price Alan United artists JT-LA 809-G
Alex Campbell at his best Campbell Alex Boulevard 4073
Alex Campbell Sampler Campbell Alex Transatlantic TRA SAM 6
Alexis Korner Alexis Metronome LMLP 15 802
All around my hat Steeleye Span Chrysalis CHR 1091
All me own work Fame Georgie Reprise REP 44183
All the fun of the fair Essex David CBS 69160
All those born with Garbarek Jan ECM 1324
Allman Bros/Idlewild south Allman Brothers Atlantic ATL 60070
All Star Festival Various Artists United Nations DL 99500
Alone at last Burton Gary Atlantic SD 1598
Altiplano De Grassi Alex Novus PL 83016
Amen Bennet Lou Quartet RCA 430.05
Amen corner & small faces Small Faces & Amen corner New world NW 6001
An anthology Allman Duane Capricorn CAP 67502
An audience with McCalmans RCA LSA 3179
An evening in Jaffa Cayenne Coda coda 11
Ancient Rain Coughlan Mary Mystery Records MRLP 1004
And far away Drew Kenny Quartet Soul note SN 1081
Another Monday Renbourn John Transatlantic TRA 149
Another night time flight Blue Rocket Record Roll 7
Another Passenger Simon Carly Elektra ELK 52036
Another round murphy noel Fontana STL 5496
Another sleeper Middleton Max, Ahwai Robert Harvest SHSP 4103
Another year Sayer Leo Warner BS 2885
Anvil chorus Kids Atlantic K 50143
Aquashow Murphy Elliott Polydor 2 391 100
Aranjuez Michel Jean-Christian Riviera 521.041
Arbour zena Jarrett Keith ECM 1070
Arc of a diver Winwood Stevie Island 203 207-320
Arcade Abercrombie John Quartet ECM 1133
Arcade Simmons Patrick Elektra 96-0225-1
Archduke trio Beethoven Saga XID 5226
Ark Animals I.R.S. 25646
Around the world Three Dog Night Dunhill DSY 50138
Ars long vita brevis Nice Columbia P 11634
As he stands Geesin Ron Ron 28
Asante Tyner Mc Coy Blue note BST84445I
Ashes are burning Renaissance Sovereign ST-11216
Astral weeks Morrison Van Midi MID 26 004
Astro black Sun Ra Impulse AS-9255
At Carnegie Hall Chicago CBS 66405
At Crooked Lake Crazy horse Epic KE 31710
At home with Mc Peakes Fontana STL 5258
Atlantic crossing Stewart Rod Warner K 56151
Autumn Winston George Windham Hill TA-C 1012
Avant pop Bowie Lester & Brass fantasy ECM 1326
Avalon Roxy Music EG 2 311 154
Awakening Walden Narada Michael Atlantic SD-19222
Azimuth Taylor John, Winston Norma ECM 1099
Azure d'or Renaissance Warner K 56633