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So you've just moved into Tripod, eager to create your first webPE01661A.gif (1977 bytes) page...now what? Well, very simple. You start learning HTML. HTML, or Hypertext Mark Up Language, is the fundamental piece of knowledge all webmasters need to learn in order to create a web page. But don't worry, HTML is about as easy as things get in the world of programming. I challenge anyone to take longer than one week before he/she starts speaking in HTML!

The site is divided into four main sections. The first section introduces you to what HTML is, and how to create a basic web page. The second and third discusses intermediate stuff such as formatting text, adding links and images to your site etc. The fourth is the advanced section, and in it, you'll learn how to insert tables and music to your page, categorize your site for listing on search engines, and more. Enjoy, my html friend, and may the force be with you!

PE01805A.gif (1199 bytes) Section 1- Basic HTML
Introduction to HTML
Creating your first web page
Adding a background
TN00411A.gif (2245 bytes) Section 2- Intermediate HTML I
Formatting your text
Inserting images
Adding links
TN00604A.gif (2428 bytes) Section 3- Intermediate HTML II
Adding bullets and lists
Creating blinking text
Creating horizontal rules
The <marquee> element of IE
Section 4- Advanced HTML
Creating tables
Adding background music
Categorizing your site for search engines
Other fun stuff for your page
TN00018A.gif (1390 bytes) Section 5- Dynamic HTML
For you webmasters looking for something more advanced than HTML, try this site. Dynamic Drive is a great DHTML resource I recently discovered that contains a choke full of innovative scripts and components written DHTML, all free for the taking. Learn from the source code, or simply grab them to add some DHTML juice to your site!

Other Resources...

-Freewarejava.com Go beyond HTML and add some cool Java to your site...
-Bon's CGI Freebies Truck loads of free CGI scipts here.

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