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Vickers Warwick
Twin-engined bomber of geodetic construction, basically a larger development of the Wellington. Obsolete as a bomber, it was used for reconnaissance, SAR - Search And Rescue (carrying a lifeboat) and transport. Its career was brief, partly because of control problems, and partly because better four-engined aircraft were available.

Type:Reconaissance / SAR

Power plant Two Pratt&Whitney Double Wasp radial engines

Wingspan 96.7 ft 29.48 m

Length 68.5 ft 20.88 m

Height 18.5 ft 5.64 m

Speed 224 mph 360 km/h

Ceiling 16,730 ft 5,100 m

Range 1,988 mi 3,200 km

Armament 6x 7.7mm machine gun

Crew Six