PRiS Rumors

Ashley and Andros got married at the end of PRiS.
Show me where. That sure didn't look like no weddin' ta me!
Ashley and Zhane dated in PRiS.
If you call playing billiards dating...Zhane had a crush on Ashley, Ashley might have had a little crush on Zhane, but she was mainly interested in him because he's Andros' best friend, and she wanted more info on him. Nothing romantic ever came of it.
The reason Zhane didn't come back in "Rangers to the Tenth Power" is because he is having an affair with Ashley and he didn't want to face Andros.
That's one theory. One completely and totally wrong theory, but to each his own.
Andros was looking for his little brother.
There's something about Astronema she isn't telling us...O.o
When Astronema and Ashley switched bodies, they never got switched back right, so Andros is actually dating his sister!
So wait.. that means Ashley and Zhane DID get together..
Ecliptor and Astronema had a child together who is Karone.
Karone's her own mother?
Darkonda is Dark Specter's son.
Must say, Darky didn't really feel much remorse for trying to blow up his old man, nor did DS hesitate to kill his little boy....
Darkonda is the Phantom Ranger.
Some ally he turned out to be.
Ecliptor is the Phantom Ranger.
How does he fit in the suit?
Zhane is the Phantom Ranger.
Damn right! He just came out of the cryogenic stasis whenever the Phantom Ranger was needed!
When Karone went back to the Dark Fortress to try to reprogram the Asteroid, Darkonda tortured her and manipulated her to be his slave before he turned her into Circuit Astronema.
She sure didn't seem reluctant to throw her master off the Dark Fortress at the end of the episode...
Astronema wanted to kill Dark Specter so that she could gain control of the Dark Fortress.
She wanted to kill him so she could gain control of something she was already in control of. Talk about convaluted motives!
Ashley's parents are the richest couple in all of Angel Grove.
Ashley's family is well-off, but I don't think she's from the richest family in the city...
PRiS takes place in Tokyo.
Which is why everyone lives, goes to school and fights in Angel Grove.
Dark Specter is married to Divatox.
Maligore was engaged to Divatox, and although DS bears a striking resemblance to Maligore, they're two different characters.
Astronema is 21.
In my fiction, this is true, but it's been argued that Karone is 16 in PRiS and in her early 20's in Lost Galaxy.
Ecliptor is Astronema's dad.
"Andros, what were our parents like?"
The Psycho Rangers are Astronema's kids.
Astronema's kids.. but who's the father?!? *Astronema throws chair at Dark Specter* On the next Jerry Springer!
Andros isn't really Astronema's brother, it was all a coincedence!
Some damn coincedence. They meet up- "You look just like my brother in this picture!" "Naw, that isn't me, but you look just like my sister in this picture!" "Naw, that isn't me." "Okay, nice meeting you." "Sure, hope you find your sister."
Astronema and Zhane are the Parents of the Lost Galaxy Rangers!
Tactfully avoiding the question of how two blonde-haired blue-eyed caucasians could give birth to an African-American and an Asian-American, I'm just going to wonder why none of them recognized Karone as their mom, and why karone looks so damn young, since for this rumor to be true, she'd have to be at least 20 or so years older than the LG rangers.. Also, why would they have just spontaneously dropped Maya off on Mirinoi?
Astronema and Corone aren't the same person.
That's right, they aren't. Who's Corone? Oh wait.. you mean KArone? Oh, gee, sorry about that! In that case, this is a total and utter load of crap.
Karone is Astronema's evil side.
But she's so sweeeeet and innnnnocent and puuuuuure and goooooood...
Power Rangers in Space was cancelled in 2000.
It wasn't cancelled, the series ended. That's what Countdown To Destruction was, the end of the series, which took place in 1998, not 2000. (Although in Australia, they air the PR series that was aired in the US the previous year, so PRiS over there would have ended in 1999 or early 2000, but it still wasn't cancelled.)
PRiS is based on the Japanese series "Star Rangers".
Wow, and here I always thought "Star Rangers" was the translation of Goranger that played in the Phillipines.. shows what I know..
PRiS is based on the Sentai series "Seiju Sentai Gingaman".
Yep, that's why they travel through space in the Astro Gingaship, which transforms into the AstroGingazord, and then in season 2 they get their new Zords, Ginga V 1-5, which all join together to form the Ginga Voyager, the mightiest of all the Zords except for the Mega Voyager, which appears in Alien Rangers, which is based on a Japanese series called "Mega Rangers"!
Astronema has a pet, Scrudley.
Ugh.. Scrudley. I don't know WHAT the damn deal was with Scrudley but I don't think it was Astronema's pet, and it served basically as comic relief punishment for Elgar and was really never heard from again once the Dark Fortress folks lost their comic aspect.
Astronama and Eclipter were a couple.
DON'T I WISH!!!!!!! (except for the bad spelling, that is..) Unfortunately, no, Ecliptor was a father figure for Astronema, he raised her since she was a little kid, which therefore pretty much rules out any possibility of romance, unless of course he had no hangups about having a romantic relationship with a child. Besides, she was interested in Zhane.. *sighs*. (Note, in my series their relationship leans more toward soulmates, they aren't exactly a couple, but are extremely close)
Ashley and Andros made their relationship up to try and screw over Carlos.
Made their relationship up. How does one make a relationship up? And why screw over Carlos?! What did he ever do to them?!
Andros and Zhane are brothers.
Which we can easily prove simply by the evidence given in the series! They never once mention being related. They have different parents. Astronema and Zhane almost went on a date! Zhane referred to Karone as "Your sister" when talking to Andros. Yup! Brothers, all right!
Megaranger is a Korean series.
That happened to be made in Japan.
Andros and Zhane are lovers.
*rolls eyes*. I suppose Andros was just dating Ashley to make Zhane Jealous?
 A screwy portion of a Zhane profile:
The closest person to me is my wife Karone. i first met her when we were enemies but now she's really not bad at all.
 I realize this is a profile for fanfiction, and saying that Zhane and Karone aren't married is irrelevant to the site (even though they really aren't married on the show), but what I found amusing.. "Now she's really not bad at all". Well I should hope not, dude, cause ya married her!

Dark Specter calls is always addressed as "The Monarch of all that is evil"
Which is why no one ever addresses Dark Specter as "The Monarch of all that is evil".
Zhane isn't really from KO-35.
No, he certainly isn't. No one is! Everyone who claims to be is on hallucinogens. Which further emphasizes the fact that all the PRiS rangers are a bunch of morons for letting crack-smokin' Andros be the leader!
There's a PRiS album with all the battle songs, including "Go Silver Ranger (Fight for the Power GO!)", "A Teen Ranger in Love", and "Battle Queen". You can find it on Ebay!
 There are a lot of things you can find on Ebay... but what you get SENT is another story!
Sometimes people called Astronema "Astra".
People... that don't exist? Anyway, Astra was a character from "Ultraman Leo".. X.x
Astronema and Andros are twins.
This old PRiS Fruit Roll-Up paper claimed this, that Andros was looking for his Twin sister. I suppose, they COULD be fraternal twins, but we really don't ever find out.

PRiS rips off Star Trek.
Mmm, they do use quite a few of the same types of sets, and the same layout of the control panels and such.. but I suppose this is pretty relative because just about any shows on TV with spaceships, or even ground vessels have this type of setup. Besides, even if PRiS did intentionally mean to rip off Trek, I'd say that's a credit to Trek, myself.