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The advent of summertime in Hungary signals the beginning of many outdoor drunken parties existing under the guise of barbeques.  There are, however, no burgers griddling nicely over smoldering charcoal.  There are no hot dogs.  In fact, there tends to be very little of the food poisoning that we so readily associate with the western equivalent.
What you do get is a huge pot of proper Hungarian goulash boiling over an open fire. I'm told that it really can't be made any other way. 
The meal is always accompanied by the local spirit.  This goes by the name of Palinka and would strip the varnish off a goat.  At it's best, it's homemade, very strong and very probably illegal under EU regulations.

The house in the pictures is our friend's holiday home.  This second home is surprisingly common amongst Hungarians who, contrary to popular belief are not as poor as church mice after all.

A very pleasent day was had by all .

The last picture depicts myself and our friend Angie arguing over the outcome of a child's plastic tricycle race down the corridor of our flats.  I still maintain that I won.

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