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I live with my wife, Babs, in Hungary.  Neither of us speak Hungarian very well so we get really really bored from time to time.  This web site is simply one of my many attempts to deal with that.  It also lets the people that we care greatly about think that we are keeping in touch with them when, in reality, we forget to do so about 90% of the time.

Let it be noted here that Babs thinks that this is a terrible idea and that I am very sad for even thinking of it.

All told, she's probably right!

Right, the last time I updated this site, we were in the process of buying a farmhouse. 

It was going very nicely too, until we got the translator involved.  (It's just a necessary evil, I'm afraid).

Well, as though to confirm our thoughts that it was a very good deal, he bought the bloody thing for himself!

So, never downhearted, and with the attention span of goldfish, we've moved onto a new project altogether.



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