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for no other reason than we have a camera

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Our visit to Poland was all very nice.  Sadly the photos are rubbish.  Babs got a new bike shortly before we went, so please enjoy the picture of that before we start.

We got hopelessly lost on the way to Rybnic (where our friend Gerry lives) and spent a good while driving through the mountains.  We were first alarmed as to having made the wrong turning when we were passed by a skier.  Nice trip though.  We drove though the Eastern part of Hungary, all of Slovakia and a smidge of the Check Republic before spending hours stuck up a Polish mountain.  Most of the photos were taken during the journey as we were having far too much fun in Rybnic to even think about the camera.  Hence, most of them are not even of Poland.

The pub in the pictures is the Celtic Bar in Rybnic.  It is a fine watering hole with some very understanding staff.  10/10.

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