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President Bruce Little

Welcome to the Homepage of the

 Rotary Club of Camden, SC

PO Box 383 Camden, SC 29021


October 11, 1927

Welcome to the official web site of the Camden Rotary Club. 

Our club meets every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. at the Seafood Hut located at 

2338 N. Broad St. in Camden.

Phone 803-432-7748

Officers of the Camden Rotary Club 2011-2012

Bruce Little - bruce.little@kershawhabitat.org


Bob Giangiorgi - bgiangiorgi@pmgco.com


Donny Supplee - uwkc@truvista.net

Past President

John F. Miller - jmiller@millerlumber.com


 Mike Bonner -  mikebonner@truvista.net


Beth Watson - beth@midlandsprintinginc.com

Sergeant - at- Arms


Please leave us an email message by clicking here: jdeal151@aol.com

Questions or comments can be mailed to the webmaster

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