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Byrne Family Website - Byrne Genealogy Page



                          The Byrne Motto: Certavi et Vici
                            "I have fought and conquered"

                      Gaelic form: O'Broin    Meaning: Raven        Son of "Bran Duv" King of Leinster, the "Black Raven"

Here are all the surnames in our Family Tree so far...  (CLICK for more detail)

Bogan   Byrne  
Dopp   Doyal  
Kelly   Kilkelly  
   Mathuzuk   McDonald  
Smarsh   Smith  


Click here to hear "Follow me up to Carlow" an Irish Folk Song celebrating the defeat of 3,000 British Soldiers by Fiach (Feach) McHugh O'Byrne at the Battle of Glenmalure, during the Second Desmond Rebellion in 1580.

The O'Byrne Battle Cry:"Shillalagh Abu"
 "Onward to Shillalagh"- Tis Fiach's birthplace in Arklow, Wicklow

The Byrne Crest: The chevron represents protection or faithful service. The hand represents a pledge of faith, sincerity and justice. Red signifies a warrior or martyr. White signifies peace and sincerity.

Byrne's are truely descendend from kings and were great warriors..I'm proud to be a Byrne! 

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