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Byrne Family Website - Tom Byrne's Links Page

Tom's Suggested Links:

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  Great site for coupon users!  If you are very diligent you can save over 70% at your local grocery chain by using the weekly lists.  They tell you what coupon is where and what's on special that week.  Lots of times the items are FREE.  Just save your Sunday coupons (Don't cut them out yet) and save it's good to keep about three months worth on hand to use the site to the fullest.


Check out this website every week!  Great offers and consumer news stories.   I've found deals such as 3 years of TIME magazine for only $14.95!!!  Lots of great deals, some of them "sell" out fast so it's best to check it out on Mondays.


Hidden Mickeys Hidden Mickey's is a great website for anyone who wants to know EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) about Disney and the theme-parks.    Did you know that in every ride (and movie) the designers hide a Mickey Mouse so it gives you something to find while your waiting in line.  PLUS tons of little known facts and tips galore.   Club 33 is the only place to get an alcoholic drink in Disneyland.  Club 33? Check out the site!® - The leader in online real estate  Another great site for anyone looking to sell or buy a new house or to just find out what your current house is worth.  In fact renters should check this site out as well because there are tons of articles on how to buy your first house.


SETI@home    The search is on!!  Join today its free and you can be famous should your computer detect E.T.

 JunkbustersTired of telemarketing, junkmail and spam??? Then you need to visit this site.  Easy tips for reducing your amount of junk advertising and it works. 

   Space News from Want to learn a lot about what is up with space exploration then visit this site.

Ars Technica: The Art of Technology This is one of the best sites for the latest on computers and science in general and is well worth a listing on your favorites menu.

Think you internet connection is secure??  Why not find out for sure.  This could scare you-- but don't fret it has tips if security holes are found.

   Click here to return homeLooking for  ways to Tweak Windows XP.  Well this site is fantastic.  Lots of great "tweaks" to make your XP system Hum!

  Get WebFerret today and get the easiest free way to search the web.


  Welcome to the California State Controllers OfficeFind unclaimed property you may not even know you had.  I found two people I know through work almost $1000. My friend Ken just found $175 after checking out the above link.  You could be next.  It's easy, fast and again FREE!  Let me know about your finds as well. If your not from California--no problem!  --------------------------------------> You can find your state info here: 



Get a FREE sample of Jelly Belly's just for filling out a short survey.   Hurry only 500 are given away per day!


The best site I found for consumer information.  Great deals galore and plenty of tips.


  Get the latest inside information of yet to be released software products.  You'll see it here first!

Classmates.comFind all your old high school friends here.  Free to list yourself on the site, small fee to get detailed info on others who have signed up.  Great for class reunions.

 TerraServer-USA HomeWant to see YOUR house from space (or someone else's)???  Then check this site out.  Now including super secret Area 51 photos!!!


Never get lost again! Find simple directions from anywhere to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Plus LIVE traffic reports!  Now with aerial photos this site just keeps getting better!

Kelley Blue Book Find out how much your car or truck is really worth.  Also, find out the actual dealer invoice prices on any new vehicle.  Indispensable site for anyone buying or selling a car or truck.  Again totally FREE!

Take a few minutes to see if you can help in the search for missing children.  You can display current missing kids for any state by changing the two letter state prefix of the URL :  this list is for California, change the CA to your state prefix for your state's info.


When your just too lazy to look outside....



Let me know if you have any great sites which should be listed here  for people to try.