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Byrne Family Website - Devin's Page

Just for fun I'm parking our old Byrne Family Website Homepage here while Devin works on his page..enjoy yesteryear!

Have a GREAT

2007 !!!!


  • Hi everyone hope 2007 is a good year for everyone.  Well I (Tom Byrne) finally got around to uploading some current photos in the  Family Photo's Section. Stacie and I have adjusted to our new job locations and are doing fine. 
  • Special Offer 1 for website visitors!  I have lots of GMAIL invites left so if you want one just send me a note requesting one and I'll get one to you  (just sign the guestbook and put the request in the comments).  GMAIL is Google's e-mail service with 1 GB of storage so you inbox will take years to fill up.  Great email search tools tool.  I love it.  Its FREE!!!

    ***Special Offer 2  if you'd like to do a good deed, there is a program UPROMISE for saving for the kids college.  Just by using your credit cards or grocery cards at lots of retailers money goes into the kids college accounts each time (few cents here and there).  Its simple to sign up I can send you a sign-up link via e-mail, it just takes a few minutes to sign up and register your cards.  That's it! from there it is completely transparent and your shopping is helping to send two boys to college.  So if you have no kids your saving for yet and want to help mine please let me know via the guestbook.  The site is very secure and has been running for years.


    • Trevor Byrne is now ten years old!  He is doing very well in fifth grade and will be testing soon for a black belt in Karate.   He won a contest back in summer of 2003 to be the "Voice of the Wave" (water park).   Besides the radio spot he won a John Roberts Powers course and was picked up by the Morgan Agency in Hollywood  .  He has actually done a TV commercial for Vistancia (Shea homes) in Arizona and he is one of the kids (playing in the lake) in the 2005 Toyota Sequoia brochure. 


    • Stacie Byrne has survived transition from Robinsons-May to Macy's and is planning for an entire re-model of her store at least she was able to get some time off for the holidays, that's one good thing about Macy's.  The pond fish seem to be doing well although when it's cold they hang at the bottom. Fred the desert tortoise (31 years old) is hibernating in a box and should come out sometime in March.


    • Devin Byrne is now  7 years old!    He is in first grade and loves it.  He is doing Karate along with his brother and hase earned a Green belt.   He is very entertaining and acts like a class clown sometimes.  He loves to have fun and make people laugh.   Devin played soccer for the third  season and did great!  He is also a great wrestler.

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