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Byrne Family Website welcome's you! Now updated with more Byrne Genealogy, Family Pictures, Interesting Links and a cool new UPDATED look for 2009. The main reason we were offline for a while was my inability to use my Front Page program after upgrading to 64-bit Vista and now Windows 7 so I took it down for about a year rather than letting it go.  Now that it's 2009 we can move forward as I now use Expression Studio and produce much more compliant and faster websites.  Hope you enjoy the new format. Be sure to visit the Family Photo section with the new photo album and the Genealogy page seems to be very popular..enjoy!

Here's what's new with us.. in 2009,  from sunny North San Diego County (picture is taken in the Bahama's but you get the idea)

Tom I'm going back to school to get a second degree this time in Computer Network Security, it's a great opportunity while the economy is still down.  The good news is I'm really enjoying school it's been over 20 years since I graduated UCSD and getting in on  some of the student benefits again  like tons of FREE software through MSDNAA and Dreamspark!  It's giving me time to really learn  about computer networks and security. 

Stacie just got promoted to another Macy's she is gearing up for the holidays as this is the busy season for visual merchandizing.  She still finds time to hit the gym everyday, I don't know how she does it getting up at 4am and going to work, hitting the gym and still taking care of the boys she is quite amazing.  We took a nice trip up to Usk, WA this summer to visit her parents it's so gorgeous up there right on the Pend Oreille River lots of great fishing and boating... we had a blast!

Trevor just turned 13... he's a teenager YIKES! Boy time fly's.  He is still very involved in karate and is currently a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do.  He's now preparing for his 2nd Black Belt rank and will be testing soon.  He's looking forward to Spring Break because next year he's going to visit Washington DC and NY City with a tour group from his school.. it sounds like a great trip I want to go!  He's doing great in school and is a teahers aid for the first time. Next year off to High School.

Devin just turned 10... he's now double digits! He's also testing for his Black Belt very soon and he LOVES soccer! His team is doing great and they will probably go to the playoffs here in a week or two. He's in forth grade so this is the year the do the California Mission Project. At least he gets some cool field trips to the local mission and the Star of India.

... sorry we were absent for so long. Let me know how you like the new site. Contact us.

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