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Usagi/Sailor Moon

"I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice, and on behalf of the moon, I shall punish you!"

Name: Serena Tsukino

Japanese Name: Tsukino Usagi

Meaning: "Rabbit of Moon"

Birthday: June 30

Favorite Colors: Pink and White

Favorite Food: Ice Cream and Cake

Least Favorite Food: carrots

Favorite Animal: Bunny Rabbit

Favorite Place: Palace of Versailles

Favorite Subject: Home Economics and music

Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics and English

Hobbies: Eating, slacking, sleeping, whining

Has trouble with: Dentists

Dream: To be a wife

Motto: A child needs sleep to grow up!

Gemstone: Diamond

Okay, here's the story, it's long and complicated, so be patient. If you really want a picture filled, more completely detailed story, of how Sailor Moon came to the Earth, check out "The Story of Sailor Moon."

Around 1,000 years ago, as most stories begin, there was a gorgeous kingdom on the Moon. All the planets lived in peace during this time, which was called the Silver Millenium. The ruler, Queen Serenity, had a daughter named Princess Serena. Now Princess Serena had her own court of 5 girls. Each had their own planet, Princess Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. The last three stayed on their planet to prevent invaders from entering.

Princess Serena had a wonderful life on the moon, but was too many a time found looking down on the Earth, for she had fallen in love with a young man there by the name of Prince Darien. They were engaged to be wed, and Serena was waiting for the day he would return.

But their wedding was cut short when evil forces attacked the kingdom. Prince Darien came to the kingdom with four of his generals, in hopes to protect his princess and the kingdom. But the Negaforce brainwashed his generals and turned them against him. Darien tried to fight against the evil but failed, and was killed.

But before the negaforce's ruler, Queen Beryl destroyed the Kingdom, Queen Serenity sent the souls of Darien, Serena, her court, and the outer guardians to Earth, where in the future they would be reborn. Then Queen Serenity sent the guardian cats, Luna and Artemis to the future, to find the scouts and teach them to fight against evil if cause was ever neccessary.

1,000 years later, Serena was reborn to the Tsukino family and at 14 was an annoying ditz. She was always late, never did her homework, was whiny, and boy crazy.

One day, late for school, she saw a bunch of kids picking on a poor, purplish black cat. Serena told them away and picked up the cat. There was a band-aid on it's forehead, and feeling sorry for the poor thing started to take it off. There was a flash of light and a golden crescent moon appeared on the cats head. This cat that Serena had just "saved" was Luna, one of the guardian cats that Queen Serenity had sent. Luna started peering at Serena in a strange way, so Serena freaked and ran away to school.

Later Luna appeared to Serena in her room, and told her about her destiny. To be a hero Sailor Moon. Luna told Serena that Negaforce ruler Queen Beryl was attacking Earth again and must be stopped. Luna gave Serena her moon prism locket that would make her transform. Serena was just impressed by her new jewelry that she could wear, she was also almost totally wigged out about this cat coming and talking to her about destiny, and thought she was dreaming so she did as Luna said and shouted out "MOON PRISM POWER!" Serena was maybe only slightly unappreciative about her secret powers, okay, so she was way over the edge. She didn't want to fight evil and endanger her life, why couldn't she back out of this like everything else?? Eventually she learned to except her role as a superhero on the fact that she was now a defender of love and justice.

She meets up with many new Scouts, and Tuxedo Mask. Together they bust the bad guys. By the end of the first season they discover that Sailor Moon is the Moon Princess that they have all been searching for, and that she and Darien(Tuxedo Mask) were once engaged to be married. There came some rough times for Serena, but her friends helped her through it, and in the end she and darien were together again! *sigh* ^_^ And so together the Scouts and Tux continued to fight evil as they were reunited in the future. And they soon found out in the season Sailor Moon R, that Serena and Darien had a child named Rini... or Sailor Chibi Moon (Mini Moon in the dub).

Sailor Moon is very important to the Sailor Team. Even though she is sometimes a wimp and a crybaby, she really pulls through for the Scouts when they need it most and that's what counts. She's a friend that will always stick by your side through thick and thin, and the Sailor Scouts' leader. ^_^









 Serena/Usagi Tsukino

 Sailor Moon

 Super Sailor Moon

 Eternal Sailor Moon

 Princess Serena/Serenity

 NeoQueen Serenity


Transformation Sequences






Moon Prism Power!

Moon Prism Power Make Up!

Serena shouts this to transform into Sailor Moon.

Moon Disguise Power!

Disguise Power!

Serena uses the Luna pen Luna gave her and says, "Disquise Power!" and whoever she wants to turn into, and she will turn into that person. Ex. Flight attendant.

Moon Crystal Power!

Moon Crystal Power Make Up!

Serena shout this to transform into Sailor Moon in the 2nd season.

Moon Cosmic Power!

Moon Cosmic Power Make Up!

Serena says this to transform into Super Sailor Moon.


Moon Crisis Make Up!

Sailor Moon says this to transform into Super Sailor Moon.

not dubbed

Moon Eternal Make Up!

Serena says this to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.



English Japanese

Moon Tiara Magic! Moon Tiara Action!

This is Sailor Moon's first weapon. Sailor Moon takes her tiara and holds it in her hand, it magically turns into a glowing frisbee, and then she hurls it at the enemy.
Moon Healing Activation Moon Healing Escalation!

This is Sailor Moon's second attack. She uses her moon wand, which was given to her by Luna to locate the seven rainbow crystals, and uses it to heal people that have been turned evil because they are carriers of one of the crystals.
Moon Scepter Elimination! Moon Princess Halation!

Sailor Moon uses her Moon Scepter to defeat the mega trash, and literally disintigrate them!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack! Moon Spiral Heart Attack!

Sailor Moon takes her scepter and spins aroun, then she sent spiraling hearts of energy toward the enemy.
n/a Moon Gorgeous Meditation!

After she is powered up by Pegasis, Super Sailor Moon take her Kalide Moon Scope and destroys the enemy.
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache! Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!

This attack is just like Moon Spiral Heart Attack, but is used by Super Sailor Moon and is of course more powerful.
n/a Star Light Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!

This is a Super Sailor Moon Attack.
n/a Moon Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

This is an Eternal Sailor Moon Attack.