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The Story Of

Sailor Moon

Today we see the moon as cold, dark, and lifeless... but once, long ago, it was home to a thriving civilization. It was ruled by a compassionate Queen named Serenity and her beautiful daughter Princess Serenity. All of it's people exhisted in peace with one another, and it was a happy place known as the Moon Kingdom in the time of the Silver Millenium.


There were parties every night, elequent balls, and the kingdom was plentiful. But Serena, instead of enjoying the dances, spent most of her time looking at the earth. She had fallen in love with a young man from there.


His name was Prince Endymion. The Queen, sensing her daughter's sadness, arranged the engagement between Prince Endymion, of the Earth, and Princess Serena, of the moon.


However, on the night of their wedding, a Lunar eclipse allowed an evil force known as the Negaforce(metallia) to invade the moon.

The leader, Queen Beryl, had brainwashed Endymions faithful generals, Zoicite, Malachite, Nefrite, and Jedite, to become her minions. Together with the seven shadows, they destroyed the moon kingdom and everyone in it.


The Four Inner Guardians of the planets, and Princess Serenity's court, came to help battle agains the Negaforce, but they were also destroyed. Endymion tried valiantly to protect his princess, but they were torn apart.


A horrified Queen Serenity couldn't stand to see it end this way, and so using the power of the Silver Emperium Crystal(Ginzishou) she sent Serenity and her court to earth to be reborn. She sent the negaforce with them. All locked inside the crystal, and given to the future.

Sadly, in doing this, she had used nearly all of her energy. Before dying, Queen Serenity informed the Moon Cats, Luna and Artemis, of their future mission on Earth. They must find the scouts of the planets, and stop the Negaverse(which had also been given to the future) from destroying the earth.


Princess Serenity's appearance was disguised as a clumsy, 14-year-old, who sleeps cries, gets bad grades, and eats a lot. It was to hide her from the enemy. Luna found her and began training her as Sailor Moon.

Not long after, they gained the Scouts Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, and met Tuxedo Mask. Luna told the Scouts that they must find the moon Princess and protect her her, and at that time they were unaware that Sailor Moon IS the moon princess they must protect.

Now Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion have been born on the same planet, and maybe this time they can find love again, if they can defeat the Negaforce.

Serena and the Scouts bmust find the moon Princess, and defeat the Ruler of the Negaforce with the help of Tuxedo Mask.