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Rini/Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon

"I am Sailor Chibi Moon, the sailor suited pretty soldier in training! In the name of the future moon, I shall punish you!

Name: Rini Chiba

Japanese Name: Chiba Usagi, or Chibiusa

Meaning: Small Rabbit

Birthday: June 30

Favorite colors: Red and Pink

Favorite Food: Pudding, Pancakes

Least Favorite Food: Carrots

Favorite subject: Drawing

Least Favorite subject: Languages

Hobby: Collecting rabbit paraphenalia????

Good at: Getting people to give her things

Dream to: Become a Lady

Gemstone: Diamond


Rini is from the future, and is the daughter of NeoQueen Serenity and King of Earth, Serena and Dariens future selves. Her home, in future Crystal Tokyo was attacked by farces of the Negamoon, and her mother like many of the others was frozen in sleep. The four inner scouts, Rini, and King of Earth were the only people still awake. The scouts were converting all of their energy to keep the city alive.

Rini went to the Tokyo of the past (our present) to find the Silver Crystal. She thought that if she found it, the Negamoon could be defeated, because the Silver Crystal of the future had disappeared. Sailor Pluto, the keeper of time, helped Rini travel through time. And watched over Rini through the Luna ball that follows Rini around. Rini often talks to the ball, and calls her LunaP.

When Rini went to the present she fell right on top of Serena and Darien. Serena was startled to see how much the pink haired twirp looked like her. Rini demanded Serena to give her the Silver Crystal, and that made Serena and Darien both think that Rini might be from the Negaverse.

Somehow Rini managed to trick Serena's family into thinking that she was a cousin visiting from out of town. Serena is way annoyed that she is going to have to live with this annoying, pink haired, girl. Plus this girl gets all of Dariens attention. And he breaks up with Serena almost immediatly after Rini shows up. Yet no matter how hard she tries, she feels drawn to protect her.

While Rini is in the past, forces of the Negamoon are trying to find and catch her. They know of her power. They are also reaking havic onto the poor city. They think if they can destroy the past (our present) Tokyo, the future Crystal Tokyo will no longer exhist. Eventually evil finds Rini and when it does she starts screaming and balling her head off. When she does this, and little crescent moon appears on her head and it gives off a huge amount of energy. This can often hurt the villan after her, or it can only help the evil pinpoint her location.

Rini didn't know why the nega creeps were after her. She had gone to the past to find the Silver Imperium Crystal of the past so she could use it to save her future. That's what the villians were after too. They couldn't find the Silver Crystal of the future, and they thought Rini had it.

One day Rini "accidentally" saw the scouts transforming. She was very disappointed to find out that Serena was Sailor Moon. How could she be? Rini had respected Sailor Moon, only to find out that it was the same meatball head she had despised.

Scince Rini found out that Sailor Moon was Serena, she figured that it wouldn't hurt to take the Silver Crystal from her. Big mistake. Once Rini was found she was forced to give back the Silver Crystal. Finally Rini told the Scouts about Crystal Tokyo of the future being attacked by the Negamoon, and how the Silver Crystal had disappeared. They all agread to return to the future with Rini to stop the Negamoon. Rini used her crystal key to transport them all to Sailor Pluto's time gate. There Sailor Pluto almost killed Sailor Moon, but Rini explained the situation. Pluto let them pass, and opened the door to the future.

There they were told by Darien's future self, King of Earth, that Rini was Serena and Darien's daughter of the future! Right then they didn't know it, but the Dark Moon had followed them back to the future, and attacked. While the scouts and tuxedo mask were battling, Rini wandered off and met Wise Man who was very powerful, the Doom Phantom. He convinced her that she was unwanted by the scouts or tuxedo mask. He turned her into Wicked Lady which made her age quickly. She fought against the scouts, they not wanting to hurt her even when she was wicked, were suffering in many battles against her. When the gate that would destry the earth was about to be opened, the Scouts convinced her that she was loved and wanted, and she grew young again.

Just after Rini became herself again, Wise Man attacked the scouts. Serena turned into NeoQueen Serenity and battled against Wise Man, even though she new it could be suicide. She used her Silver Crystal, and the scouts converted all of their energy to her, but it still wasn't enough. Rini was so upset, she thought that the whole thing was her fault and she started to cry. Her tear turned into the Silver Crystal and it was then that she remembered what had happened when she had gone to look at the Silver Crystal that day in the future, and she realized the Crystal had gone inside of her. Rini turned into NeoPrincess Small Lady and fought with her mother. With two Silver Crystals Wise Man was defeated.

After sorrowfilled goodbye's, especially from Serena, Rini went back to Crystal Tokyo, which was peaceful and good again. Thanks to Rini.

In Sailor Moon S, the next Season. Rini returns to the past to go to school, and to train as a Sailor Soldier. She was now Sailor Chibi Moon. She fights alongside Sailor Moon because her powers aren't strong enought yet, and pretty much all they do is drive the enemies crazy.

The fourth season of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon SS, is based heavily around Rini. Rini began to have dreams of a beautiful place and a pegasis. Pegasis was hiding out in Rini's dreams for protection. For the Dead Moon Circus had come to Earth to find and capture Pegasis. They had to find the dreams that Pegasis was in, and capture him because they needed his horn. It held a special crystal, and the crystal would allow the evil Queen Neherinia to enter this world and take it over. This is why Pegasis was hiding.

One night, Serena and Rini were out walking and they saw one of the Dead Circus villains attacking Andrew's little sister(the cute guy from the arcade). They transformed and began their battle. But they weren't winning. Rini called for help from anyone, and then Pegasis came. He charged up Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon into Super Sailors, and gave Sailor Moon a new weapon. Her Kalide Moon Scope. Super Sailor Moon used her Moon Gorgeous Meditation for the first time. Rin was very happy that Pegasis had answered her call. She would call on Pegasis using her twinkie yell whenever she needed help.

Soon, Pegasis and Rini became very close friends. He would visit her in her room and they would talk about things. They had much in common. Rini finally felt she had someone to confide in and talk to. Pegasis was discovered to be a young boy by the name of Helios. The two fell in love, but Helios was forced to return to where he had come once the Dead Moon Circus was defeated.

Rini is really cute, and stubborn. Although some of her attacks might not be that useful(actually they just drive the enemy insane!) she really tries. And she dreams of growing up to be a beautiful maiden.



Rini Chiba

Sailor Chibi Moon

Super Sailor Chibi Moon

NeoPrincess Small Lady






Moon Prism Power Make up!

Rini says this to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon






Luna Sphere Kittly Magic!

Rini bounces her Luna ball up into the air and shouts out whatever

she wants it to turn into, and it will turn into it.

Crystal Key... Take me


Rini uses this crystal key to travel home to the future.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack!

Chibi Moon takes a wand and spins around really fast, stops

suddenly, points the wand at the enemy, and send little hearts at it.

Twinkle Yell!

Chibi uses her little bell to call upon Pegasis.