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   This is a collection of all the Sailor Moon midi's that I have found over the internet. I didn't like the way tripod down loaded them, so i decided to do it this way. To listen to them, press the play button. If you'd like to save them, right click on one and go to 'save as.' Each of my midi pages has a subject that's stated at the title of the page.

Main Themes


.:Moon Locket 1:.


.:Moon Locket 2:.


.:Moon Locket 3:.


.:Moonlight Densetsu:.


.:Moonlight Densetsu 2:.


.:Moonlight Densetsu 3:.


.:Moonlight Legend 1:.


.:Moonlight Legend 2:.


.:Moonlight Legend 3:.



.:Ai No Senshi:.


.:Sailor Team No Theme:.


.:La Soldier:.




.:Sailor Stars Opening 1:.


.:Sailor Stars Opening 2:.


.:Sailor Stars Opening 3:.


.:Sailor Stars Opening 4:.


.:Sailor Stars Ending 1:.


.:Sailor Stars Ending 2:.



.:French Sailor Team No Theme:.


.:Chinese Moon Theme:.


.:Chinese Moon Theme 2:.


.:German Moon Theme:.


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