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Ami Anderson/Sailor Mercury

"Some people might call me a bookworm, but my most lethal weapon is my brain, beware because I am Sailor Mercury!"

 Name: Ami Anderson
 Japanese Name: Mizuno Ami
 Meaning: "beauty of water"
 Birthday: September 10
Favorite Colors: Aquamarine and Light Blue
Favorite Place: Greece
 Favorite Animal: Cats
 Favorite Food: Sandwiches
 Least Favorite Food: Yellow-tailed Tuna
 Favorite Subject: Mathematics
 Hobbies: Reading, studying, loves calculating
 Dreams: To become a Doctor
 Motto: Purity, Certainty, Beauty!
 Gemstone: Sapphire

Ami is an extremely intelligent girl who lives with her mom in a huge mansion. Her mother was a doctor and Ami hopes to follow in her footsteps. Her father was a painter, but her parents divorced when she was very young. Ami is known to study almost non-stop. Except when she's out fighting nega-sludge.

The episode that Ami was discovered in, "Computer School Blues" Luna and Serena thought that she might be from the Negaverse. But later on in te show, they found out the negaverse was really after Ami. That's when Ami was discovered to be a Sailor Scout.

Because Ami hoped to be a doctor, and was very smart in the subject, she was given a chance to go to Germany and study. In one episode "Sailor Mercury Moving on?" She almost left. But decided to stay and help her fellow scouts. She only got as far as the airport before she turned around. Good girl Ami!!

Ami is really shy and keeps to herself when she's not around the scouts. But in one episode "Mercury's Mental Match" Ami met a guy named Greg. Greg had liked Ami even before she met him. In fact he carried around an old newspaper clipping of Ami winning some award for being smart. Serena realized that he had a crush on Ami, and was trying to hook them up, so Serena gave Greg a picture of Ami. There was one thing neither Ami, or Serena knew though at the moment. It was that Greg was a rainbow crystal carrier, and that he had the power to see the future. He knew the identity of Mercury and he knew about the rainbow crystals, and what Zoycite would turn him into. Before he turned into a monster he had told Mercury to destroy him when he did. She refused, and at first Greg resisted Zoycite's power, but when he couldn't Sailor Moon healed him with her Moon Healing Activation. This crystal went to the Sailor Scouts. Greg appears in a couple other episodes and although the two never really hook up, it is certain that they would make a awesome couple.

Sailor Mercury has the element of water. Although her attacks aren't very strong she is very important. Her abilities aren't really to hurt or destroy the enemy but more for distraction so Sailor Moon can get a head start on the enemy. She also has a special computer and head visor that help her to calculate things that aren't visible to the naked eye. This is also very important because it helps the scouts find weaknesses of the enemy and ways out of tough situations that their in.

Most people may think of Ami as not very strong, not able. But she is a big part of the Sailor Team and she is very able. She can swim, and play other sports, solve tough equations, and even fix a car! You don't find to many rich people who can do that. To put it simply, Ami is a sweet, intelligent, fun-loving girl.



Ami Anderson

Sailor Mercury

Super Sailor Mercury







Mercury Power!

Mercury Power Make up!

Ami says this to transform into Sailor Mercury in the first season of Sailor Moon.

Mercury Star Power!

Mercury Star Power Make up!

Ami says this to transform into Sailor Mercury in the second and third seasons of Sailor Moon.


Mercury Crystal Power Make Up!

Ami says this to transform into Super Sailor Mercury in the fourth and fifth seasons of Sailor Moon.







Mercury Bubbles Blast!

Shabon Spray!

Mercury forms a large buble between her hands and as she spins around she crosses her arms so that the bubble is infront of them. She shoots the bubble at the enemies and it creats a mist or fog that will distract and clogg the vision of the enemy.

Mercury Ice Storm Blast!

Shabon Spray Freezing!

This attack is just like Bubble blast. Only it freezes the enemy.

Shine Aqua Illusion!

Shine Aqua Illusion!

A drop of water splashes beneath Mercury. Then she starts spinning dragging water dropplets around her. She raises her hand and then shoots a lot of water at the enemy, blinding or freezing them.


Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!

Mercury plays an aqua harp and water comes shooting at the enemy from the strings. This is Mercury's most powerful attack.


Mercury Aqua Mirage!

This attack is only used once. Mercury is circled by water and grabs a ball of high pressure water and flings it at the enemy.