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Rei Hino/Sailor Mars

I am Sailor Mars, and believe me I'm not clowning around, I will vanquish you!

Name: Rei Hino

Japanese Name: Hino Rei

Meaning: Spirit of Fire

Birthday: April 17

Favorite Animal: Panda

Favorite Food: Fugu

Least Favorite Food: Canned Asparagus

Favorite Subject: Ancient Literature

Least Favorite Subject: Modern Social Studies

Favorite Color: Red and Black

Hobbies: Meditating, reading, picking on Serena

Ambition: To be a singer/songwritter, to be a good wife.

Gemstone: Ruby

Rei's mother died while giving birth to her, and her father travels a lot on acount that he is a politition. Because her father travels so much, Rei is forced to stay with her Grandfather at his Cherry Hill Temple. It's a hard life for Rei because her grandfather is getting old, and she need to watch out for him and take care of the temple. She attends a school where all of the kids their respect her, but are afraid of her powers, so Rei was virtually friendless before the Scouts came along. And Rei does have special powers.

Rei has learned to read the fire for signs of evil and she can sense evil or good forces wherever she goes. She has a little piece of paper that has japanese writting on it, it's an anti-evil scroll called an ofuda, and when ever she thinks that there are evil forces nearby she rips it out and pins it on the evil. In the DiC dub this is called her "Fire balls charge!" She got Serena with one in an episode where Jedite sold love charms at the temple.

One night, a guy named Chad, camped out on the steps of the Cherry Hill Temple. Rei and her grandpa decided to take him in, and Chad started to work at the temple. Mostly because he had the biggest crush on Rei. Rei yells at Chad a lot but the truth is she likes Chad too, but she has a really hard time showing her feelings for people. Only when Chad wasn't around or unconcious would she really say how she felt. Only one time did she ever express her feeling for him outwardly.

Now Serena and Rei are a whole different story... Rei is always pushing Serena around. She thinks that Serena is a selfish crybaby. Most of the time, Serena and Rei are in a big fight, they almost never get along. But Rei really cares about Serena a lot, in the episode "A Relunctant Princess" Rei admitts that she knew she was wrong when she said Serena shouldn't be the leader, and in the episode "Ski Bunny Blues" they were actually able to have a whole conversation without yelling at eachother. But the rest of the time they are just waiting for the other to make a mistake so they can start a fight.

Rei is so awesome in so many ways. A lot of people think that she's really bossy to the scouts and Serena, but she really keeps them in order. She is able to be the top in her school, help out with her grandfather and the temple, and still wright and sing her own music. She is very had working girl and is an excellent part of the Sailor Team.

Simply, Rie is a person who leads her life, and doesn't need to take orders from anyone. That's courage.


Rei Hino

Sailor Mars

Super Sailor Mars



English Japanese Picture Discription
Mars Power! Mars Power Make Up! Rei shouts this and transforms into Sailor Mars in the first season of Sailor Moon.
Mars Star Power! Mars Star Power Make Up! Rei shouts this and transforms into Sailor Mars in the second and third seasons of Sailor Moon.
n/a Mars Crystal Power Make up! Rei shouts this and transforms into Super Sailor Mars in the fourth and fifth seasons of Sailor Moon.



English Japanese Picture Description
Mars Fire Balls Charge! Akuryu Taisan! Mars or Rei will take out a scroll with japanese letters on it, she holds it in front of her face, then pins it on the evil. This attack usually paralizes the enemy, or drives away the evil.
Mars Fire Ignite! Fire Soul! Mars clings her hands together, leaving her index fingers pointing out. A small fire ball lights at the tips of her fingers and she shoots the fire at the enemy.
Mars Fire Bird Strike! Fire Soul Bird! Mars uses her evil scroll thing (ofuda) with her Fire Ignite attack. A Fire bird appears out of the flames and attacks the enemy.
Mars Celestial Fire Surround! Burning Mandala! Mars outlines a circle of fire around herself. The fire turns into many different japanese symbols. The mars shoots many small bursts of fire toward the enemy.
n/a Mars Flame Sniper! Mars kneels down and appears a bow and arrow made of flames, then she stands up, spiraling the bow toward the enemy.