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Lita Kino/Sailor Jupiter

"You want trouble pal, you're lookin' at it! My name is trouble! I'm Sailor Jupiter!"

 .:Japanese Name:. Kino Makoto
 .:Meaning:. Honesty of Trees
 .:English Name:. Lita Kino
 .:Birthday:. December 5
.:Favorite Colors:. Pink and Green
 .:Favorite Place:. Rome
 .:Favorite Animal:. Horse
 .:Favorite Subject:. Home Economics
 .:Weak Subject:. Physics
 .:Favorite Food:. Cherry Pie
 .:Least Fave Food:. None
 .:Strong Points:. Cooking, cleaning, very strong
 .:Weak With:. Airplanes
 .:"Bad Habit":. Stuttering
 .:Ambition:. To open her own world famous restaurant and be a good wife.
 .:Astrological Sign:. Saggitarius
 .:Gemstone:. Emerald
 .:Motto:. Stand like a peony, sit like a Botan, walk like a Wisteria flower.

Lita has to be strong for herself because of things that happened to her in the past. When she was very young both her parents were killed in a plane crash. Ever since shes had a fear of airplanes, and has been living on her own.

Lita first met Serena in the episode "Jupiter Comes Thundering In." First on her way to skool(late as usual), Serena runs into some thugs who want to pick a fight. Lita comes in with her wicked cool rose earings, and kick the guys' butts! GO LITA!! Serena hears about her again when a bunch of rumors are floating around skool about Lita. Melvin claims she was kicked out of her old skool for being to violent, and even beating up a teacher. When Lita is eating her lunch alone, she offers the 'starving' Serena one, and they were friends from then on. Later in the episode, the Scouts find out Lita is Sailor Jupiter! ^_^

Lita wasn't really kicked out of her old skool for being violent. It was revealed later that her boyfriend, a guy she really liked, dumped her on rainy day. She couldn't stand to be near her x, so she moved to Tokyo. The wind brought her there, and to the Scouts! Inside, Lita isn't really so tough, she's hurt, and soft. Whenever she sees a guy that looks like her old boyfriend(or at least she says he does) she falls head over heals for him! When she arrived at tokyo she was really just full of sad memories inside and she needed a friend, and that's what the scouts gave her ^_^!!

Lita LOVES to cook, and clean! She might have gotten it from having to live alone most of her life, always cooking and cleaning and fending for herself. Lita's dream is to open her own world famous restaurant where she can use her talent to treat other people.

Sailor Jupiter is very vital to the Scouts. As a member of the Inner Senshi, she has a role to protect the princess Serenity. Sailor Jupiter is the tough one of the Inner Senshi, and that's one of the things that have kept the Scouts going. When she's needed she's there to help out, and really pulls everyone through.

To sum up, Lita/Sailor Jupiter, is an awesome scout who plays a vital role, and really cooks in the martial arts! ^_^





 Lita Kino

 Sailor Jupiter

 Super Sailor Jupiter



 Jupiter Power!

 Jupiter Star Power!

 Jupiter Crystal Power Make Up!


 Jupiter Power Make UP!

 Jupiter Star Power Make Up!

 Jupiter Crystal Power Make Up!



 Lita/Makoto shouts this to transform into Sailor Jupiter in the 1st season of Sailor Moon.

 Lita/Makoto shouts this out to transform into Sailor Jupiter in the 2nd and 3rd Seasons of Sailor Moon.

 Lita/Makoto shouts this out to transform into Super Sailor Jupiter in the 4th and 5th Seasons of Sailor Moon.







 Jupiter Thunder Crash!

Supreme Thunder! 


 A small lightning rod pops out the top of Jupiter's tiara and she summons lightning bolts. She crosses her arms and scrunches up into a ball then flings her arms and legs out sending a lightning attack towards the enemy

 Jupiter Thunder Dragon!

 Supreme Thunder Dragon!


 The lightning rods pops out of her tiara again, but the lightning she uses to attack the enemy takes on the shape of a huge dragon to destroy the enemy.

 Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap!

 Sparkling Wide Pressure!


 Again, the lightning rod pops out and she summons up a big ball of lightning in her hands. Then she hurls this at the enemy.

 n/a (yet ^_^)

 Jupiter Oak Evolution!


 Jupiter spins around really fast and shoots super charged up oak leaves at the enemy.