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Dark Star

Dark Star is the second story i have written as Sailor Moon fan fic. I really hope you are enjoing them so far^_^

You kinda have to read my stories in order, because they get a scout every story(so far), but don't lose any(so far).^_^ Niamh a.k.a. Dark Star... is already a member of the Sailor Scout Team, as is Kayla a.k.a. Sailor Bubbles. These stories tell how important both of them are.

Dark Star's stats are below.

Dark Star^_^


English Name: Niamh (Neeve)

Japanese Name: Wakete Sakuna Lanoke

Meaning(I think): Spirit of Darkness

Birthday: September 7

Age: 16

Favorite Food: Oniels Pizza

Least Favorite Food: Yogurt

Favorite Animal: Vampire Bat

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Subject: Drama

Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics

Hobbies: Acting ,teasing, reading

Has trouble with: Hyper people

Motto: The artist is nothing with out the gift, but the figt is nothing without the work

Gemstone: Amber



 Dark Stone Smash!  A beam of light shoots out of the gem in her staff and spirals toward the enemy.
 Silence Staff Revolution!  Dark Star spins her staff 3 times and then smashes it into the ground. The ground splits from the point where the staff hit the ground and a strong beam hurles toward the enemy.
 Dark Death Scream!  Dark Star takes her staff and shoots a beam out of it that forms the shape of an atom and shoots it at the enemy.
 Dark Super Nova!  Dark Star can use this attack to destroy entire universes!

Dark Star's Story

"Opposites of Darkness"

The drip, drip, drip, of water melting off icicles, echoed throughout the dark cave. There were endless tunnels all around the cave, each leading to it's own darkness. A lantern light bounced against the wet walls, and a shadow appeared. It moved silently through the tunnels into a wide, circular room. Another shadow appeared in the dim light. This second shadow looked as if it was sitting upon a throne.
"My Mistress," spoke the first shadow, "I fear the Pure Soldiers are getting nearer to discovering us. And our Soldiers are growing restless..."
The shadow at the throne did not respond.
"My Mistress do you unders-"
"I understand," the shadow spoke.
"The one you feared, she may be-"
"I fear no one!" the shadow boomed, "this legend that I have known for so long must be true," it stated, "the time has come to open the gates..."

It was very late at night, the street lamps were lit, and the only sounds were that of four pairs of feet walking down the damp sidewalk. Niamh, Kayla, Serena, and Darien were coming home from the arcade. Serena looked all too disappointed that their outing had come to an end so 'soon.'
Niamh checked her watch, "Serena, it's half past ten! We were there for three and a half hours! Why are you pouting?"
"I lost 'Sailor V' twenty times!"
"Don't remind me," Darien said. He had paid for all of the video games. Serena let out a long sigh and then yawned.
"See? We wouldn't have been able to stay much longer anyway... you're practically asleep!" Kayla told her.
"Hey! S'not my fault Mina had to make 'Sailor V' so exhausting!"
"It's a video game you wanna be! No wonder you're such a horrible super hero, you can hardly get past the first level of 'Sailor V!'" Niamh shouted.
"I didn't ASK to be Sailor Moon! You think I just hopped into my uniform as soon as my cat started talking to me?"
"No, 'course not. I expect you spazzed out and started wailing your head off like always. Why do we take orders from a crybaby like you?" Niamh scowled.
"Because I'm the LEADER!"
"Well, maybe you shouldn't be anymore!" Both Darien and Kayla let out sighs as their friends argued again.
"Oh yeah! Well I -- Niamh, what's wrong?"
Niamh had suddenly stopped, and was trembling vigorously. She grabbed her head and fell to her knees. They all rushed to her side.
"What is it Niamh?" Kayla asked.
"I feel a d-d-darkness," she choked. Then she removed her hand from her head, the pain was gone, but a look of horror was upon her face.
"Something terrible is going to happen," she said.

The next day, all of the girls, along with Darien, were at the temple. They were trying to find out what Niamh's vision meant.
"A darkness is coming," Niamh told them.
"You said you saw an entire universe, engulfed by this darkness?" Rei asked.
"Yes, and there was a person, a face, at a throne, their leader, I guess," she said.
"Did you get a good look at them?" Mina asked.
"No, the face was shadowed," Niamh replied.
"Anything else?"
"So that's it, this is all the info. we get about this force, thi-thi-this darkness?" Serena asked.
"We're bound to find something else," Lita said. Serena was now practically chewing off her fingernails. Niamh looked to the sky, it was a crystal blue, and the sun glowed brightly, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. There had been something familiar about the ruler, could it have been Galaxia? No! The scouts had defeated her ages ago, then who could it be?
"C'mon Niamh, we need another vision!" Serena wailed.
"Sor-ry! but they don't just pop up when you tell them to... thank god!"
"You guys, you don't need to fight right now, we have work to do!" Ami said.
"Yeah Serena! You and Niamh fight almost as much as us!" Rei yelled.
"Wanna bet!?" Serena challenged, this started another 'tongue war.'
"I can do this longer than you can!" Rei steamed.
"We'll just see!" Serena replied. Everyone sighed. Would they ever be serious? Then everyone heard a thump, Niamh had toppled over, and was now lying on the grass.
"Niamh!" everyone yelled.
"Is it a vision?" Serena asked eagerly.
"Cold... so cold..." Niamh shivered. It said 80 degrees on the thermometer, yet they could all see their breath, and were shivering like mad. Then the cold retreated, and everyone began to warm.
"What was that?" Lita asked. Ami gasped, she was leaning over her mini computer, utterly startled.
"What is it Ami?" Luna questioned.
"I've analyzed what just occurred, and it says that our temperature dropped from 80.3 degrees to 28 degrees in just a few seconds. That kind of a dramatic change is impossible! That was not earth related!"
"Why did it effect Niamh more than us?" Kayla asked.
"I don't know," Ami replied. Luna was silently thinking to herself. Niamh stood up and started to walk away.
"Hey wait, Niamh! Where are you going?" Serena called after her. They all ran in her direction, and when they turned the corner, things got worse. Everyone on the street had been sucked dry of their energy! They were lying in piles on the ground.
The Scouts scanned the area for the villain. A dark figure was seen, sucking the life out of another person.
"This calls for the Sailor Scouts!" Artemis told them.

"Wait! You are taking the energy of these people for your own evil doings, in the name of the Dark Kingdom, I will not forgive you! I am... Dark Star!"
The being paused for a moment, and the Scouts were able to see its shape. It was a Sailor Scout! Yet it's colors were dark, and the eyes were an evil red. They had seen this Scout before! But where? The Scout had two 'Odangos'... but it couldn't be! She stepped back, and sped away, seemingly frightened. The Scouts just stood there, not believing what they saw.

"NOT AGAIN!" Serena wailed, "Why does everyone want to be like me!" Darien winced as he remembered, the last time someone had posed as Sailor Moon, he had almost been killed!
"If it weren't for me you guys would've been toast!" Mina bragged, "Sailor V!" she made her pose.
"Mina please!" Lita groaned, everyone had heard enough of her 'Sailor V' rantings to last them a lifetime. Mina blushed,
"Oh, hehe, sorry!"
"Don't forget Nurse Venus!" Rei told her. Everybody laughed, Mina didn't like this, she looked VERY red.
"I'm not as bad off as Serena!"
"Hey, where's Luna and Artemis?" Niamh asked.

Luna and Artemis sat on a park bench, both very worried about something.
"Should we tell the Scouts?" Luna asked.
"Not until we know for sure," Artemis replied.
"It's only a legend Artemis, it can't have any truth!"
"Then all the more reason we shouldn't tell them!"
"But Niamh needs to know!" Luna cried, and there was along silence between them. Neither knew what to do next. They just sat and thought.
"Hey guys!" Niamh snuck up behind them, "What are you doing?" she asked. Artemis became very nervous and jumped off the bench. Niamh watched him leave, and then sat down.
"Luna? Why did that temp. change effect me more than the others?" Niamh prodded her. Luna looked in Artemis's direction, then replied to Niamh,
"I'm not sure..."
The other girls approached the bench.
"We have to figure out whoever that was, or whatever," Rei said.
"It didn't come alone, something else had to have helped it suck all that energy," Mina said.
"What are we going to do now?" Kayla asked.
"We can't do anything, but wait for another attack," Niamh said, "then we'll destroy it!"
"Why do you sound so sure of yourself Niamh?" Serena asked.
"Because if this thing really is like you, then it should be no problem to defeat!"
"What are you saying?" Serena threatened.
"I mean really, you've just got this habit of ditzing out and we end up having to save you're butt!" Niamh screamed at her.
"You know, she has a point," Darien agreed. Serena looked almost evil as she glared at Darien. He started to feel guilty.
"Well, who's to say this 'scout' is even going to be like me, if she's just posing?"
The scouts really had no clue as to where this scout came from, or what she was trying to accomplish here. Yet they would all find out, too soon.

The same Scout that had attacked the Sailors, made her way through the damp cave. Darkened by her own shadow, she approached the throne.
"My Mistress," she spoke, "she is the one."
"How can you be certain?"
"She said that she was from the Dark Kingdom," the shadow replied. Even through the blackness you could see the Mistress's evil grin.
"You have done well, Dark Moon. We will proceed with our mission..."

Niamh, Ami, and Rei were heading towards the temple for a fire reading. School had just gotten out. They waved to Serena and Kayla, who were staying after in detention, again. Somehow Niamh managed to spot someone, a girl, running through the crowd of people towards Rei's temple! Niamh glanced back up towards Serena and Kayla, then shot towards the girl, Rei and Ami trailing behind her. Niamh broke free of the crowd, but the girl had vanished.

Serena and Darien were on their way to Rei's temple also. There was something different about Serena, but Darien couldn't put his finger on it. Too quiet?
"Didn't you have detention today?" he asked.
"No..." she replied.
"There's something odd about you," Darien blurted out. Serena loosened her grip, and then looked behind her.
"I gotta go, cya!" and she sped off, leaving Darien very puzzled. He had been so sure that Serena had detention again...

Darien walked up the steps to the school, and opened the doors. Ms. Haruna approached him,
"Darien, how nice to see you, Serena is upstairs along with Kayla," she said.
"She is?!"
"Where else would be after school? I gave those two detention for a month! Can you imagine? They tried to copy off of Ami Anderson's paper, for an assignment they didn't even have!"
Darien wasn't surprised, but how could Serena have been in two places at once? He made his way to the classroom and opened the door.
"Darien!" he heard Serena scream out.
"Have you come to rescue us from detention?" Kayla asked.
"No, Serena have you been in detention all afternoon?"
"Yeah this bites, why?"

Rei sat crouched in front of the sacred fire, Niamh and Ami looking on intently.
"Oh sacred fire, tell us who is behind this evil!" Rei cried. The fire gave no reply. She tried again,
"Sacred Fi-,"
"Sorry I'm late!" Mina burst through the temple doors with Luna and Artemis. Rei looked peeved, and Mina sat down, pretending not to notice. The fire crackled, daring Rei to continue. Niamh stared into the fire, not blinking, not moving. Rei began again.
"Sacred Fire... who is behind this evil!" the fire roared, but no reply.
"Rei," Niamh said, still staring into the fire, "let me try." She began, "Sacred Fire, speak to us, tell us of these evil beings posing as our own."
Suddenly the fire spoke, its voice was deep, yet clear.
"Dark Soldier, your people have come in mutiny, ruled by another. Your absence disturbs the Kingdom, and it now solely depends upon your existence." the fire lessened and then was no more. Luna and Artemis now understood.
"We have to tell the Scouts!" Luna whispered.
"Not yet!" Artemis replied, "we still don't know for sure!"
"The fire said she is the Dark Soldier!" Luna insisted.
"Do you believe every talking fire you encounter?" Artemis asked her. Luna looked at Niamh, and then to the extinguished flames,
"We're going to tell them."

"That two-timing double!" Serena screamed. Darien had just told her of the other Serena he had seen.
"She thinks she can steal MY Darien! Ooohh is she in for it!" Serena was very steamed, Kayla and Darien were backing away slowly. Any quick movements could throw Serena into rage.
"Just wait 'till I get out of detention! Darien how come you didn't know it wasn't me!!" He couldn't reply.
"OUT!" she screamed. Darien dashed out of the room, Kayla was so scared even she ran out of her own detention! The two were speeding down the block when they ran into the rest of the Scouts.
"We were just coming to talk to you," Niamh told them.
"Artemis and I have some information we need to report to everyone. We need to find Serena," Luna said.
"I don't think it's such a good idea to go up there right now," Darien said pointing to the school.
"Okay where is she!?" They heard a voice approaching, it was Serena. Oh great, Kayla thought.
"Don't you have detention Serena?" Rei asked.
"I don't care if Ms. Haruna gives me detention for a year! That clone is going to pay for trying to steel MY Darien!"
Everyone looked at Darien, and he became very nervous.
"So I guess this means you can't keep a handle on your own boyfriend. He can't even tell the real Serena from the fake!" Niamh pointed out.
Serena was just about to reply with some smart-alecky comment, but looked up at Darien practically in tears, "Is that true?"
He struggled for words, "I... I, um, ... a heh heh, um-,"
"Julian!" Niamh shouted to somebody, running across the street towards them. Saved thought Darien. Niamh ran to Julian and they hugged.
"At least Niamh can keep her boyfriend under control," Rei teased Serena. Serena looked up at Darien again, then back at Niamh and Julian, obviously jealous. Darien could've attacked Rei, C'mon, give me a break!
The two joined the rest of the group.
"So who's the new enemy?" Julian asked. He had known about their identities, almost as soon as Niamh had discovered her powers.
"It's kind of complicated, we don't know for sure what's going on, but Luna and Artemis say they'll inform us," Niamh told him.
"Now that we're all here we can tell you," Artemis said.
"It was a legend we heard in the Moon Kingdom, Queen Serenity spoke of it only once," Luna said.
"There are two distinct Universes known to us. Our pure Universe, and another dark one," Artemis continued, "the people in this kingdom are like our 'twins' in a way, only they have dark hearts, not pure ones."
"One thing you must get straight is-,"
"Aaaaahhhhh!" Luna was cut off by a piercing scream. All of them rushed to the next street to see some sort of droid, sucking the energy out of another person. They all transformed and rushed to the rescue.
"Wait! We're the Pure Scouts who stand for love and justice, and we will not forgive you. In the name of all that is good and pure, we will punish you!"
"She said we would find you!" the droid said.
"We?" Serena quivered. Ten more droids appeared beside the first, and began to attack.
Mercury got out the first attack, and froze a droid.
Two more droids were gone. This was going to be easy for the Scouts.
There were now four more droids left. They were started to close in.
"We want the Dark Soldier!" the droids chanted. They were about to attack!
"Whatever you want, you're not getting it. I'll see to that!" Dark Star said.
Dark star wasted the remaining droids, a dark dust filled the air.
"Interesting...." they heard a low voice, familiar almost. As the dust began to clear they could see the silhouette of eight scouts, on stood atop the rest. The dust lifted, and the faces of the Scouts were revealed, all but one, their leader, who remained shadowed.
The Pure Scouts looked in amazement at what was before them. The still shadowed Scout spoke,
"You are strong as I predicted Niamh."
"Who are you?" Dark Star questioned.
"You will know in good time. But first, if I want to get to you, I can't very well have all of your friends around now can I?"
Each of the Dark Soldiers began to approach her double. The Pure Scouts, just stood still, too shocked to move or attack. These Scouts were their 'doubles,' yet they weren't the same, they were like alter-ego's. The Dark Soldiers skirts and bows were near black, and their eyes glowed an evil red.
"I can't begin to tell you how eager my Scouts have been, how long they've waited to destroy you," the Dark figure said, "now they will have their chance."
Sailor Moon was attacked by her double, and getting hit hard. Tuxedo Mask attempted to shield her with his cape, but he was getting pelting by black roses!
As if from no where, Colin, came from around the corner. Julian dashed over to get him out of the way.
"I know him!" snickered the Dark Bubbles.
The evil Bubbles flung a ball of high pressure water at Colin.
"No! Look out!" Sailor Bubbles ran in the way of the attack, and fell back unconscious. Colin tried to help her, but Neal was dragging him out of the street.
The two Venus' battled, equal in strength it would be impossible for one to win. The two attacks collided and blew both Scouts back. The Dark Soldiers were beginning to realize what was happening, so they changed plans.
The Dark Jupiter attacked Mars and the discus hit her head on. If the Scouts attacked their doubles, their power would be matched. But if they attacked a different Scout, they had a chance.
Dark Mars aimed an arrow at Mercury.
Mercury extinguished the flaming arrow, and her attack knocked Dark Mars off her feet!
Dark Mercury's attack caught Sailor Mercury by surprise and blew her away. The Scouts were trying desperately to fight back, but it was obvious there would be no winning.
"STOP THIS!!" Dark Star screamed. The Dark Soldiers paused, but then continued attacking. The shadow seemed set back by this disturbance, and Dark Star was growing even more angry.
A cloud of black fog filled the air, and a hollow noise was heard echoing through the darkness. The Dark Soldiers ceased attacking and clenched their ears in pain. Slowly they stepped back toward the shadowed figure.
"No!" it shouted, "attack them!" but the Dark Soldiers remained struggling with their heads, not attempting to attack the slightest bit. Dark Star stepped toward the figure, and out of the darkness. Her head was staring to the ground, slowly she raised it, and her eyes were revealed, glowing like red, massive flames. She had upon her face a look of the most sinister evil.
"My Soldiers," she spoke, deep and steady, "you have waited long for my return."
"Yes, you have come, our true Mistress," the Dark Soldiers replied in unison, it was as if they were all in a deep trance. Their eyes all burning the same red.
"I will not tolerate betrayal of my throne!" Dark Star screamed.
"Don't listen to her!" the shadow yelled, "attack the others now!!" Dark Star looked to the shadowed figure, and then to the Scouts lying helplessly confused on the ground. They had no idea what was going on, but Artemis and Luna watched in horror, for they did.
"Niamh?" Sailor Moon asked. Dark Star formed and evil grin on her face.
"This shadow, she had a worthwhile idea," Dark Star said, "finish them off!" Sailor Moon gasped. Could she believe what she just heard? The Dark Soldiers approached the dumbfounded Scouts. Sailor Moon began to whimper and Tuxedo Mask reached out to her.
"The wimp first!"
"Oh no! Sailor Moon!" Sailor Venus yelled. Tuxedo Mask protected Sailor Moon with his cape, and awaited the attack.
"Tuxedo Mask MOVE!" Sailor Moon tried to knock him away, but he wouldn't budge.
"Darien!" she screamed. Dark star looked on, grinning wildly.
"Ah ha ha ha ha ha!" she laughed, her eyes still burning.
Dark Moon launched her attack, and it hit Tuxedo Mask. He rolled off of Sailor Moon and crumpled into a ball, quivering in pain. Sailor Moon crawled over to him, and started to violently shake him.
"Darien, Darien!" she choked between sobs. Suddenly she felt a light hand on hers and looked up to see Sailor Bubbles! She put her hand to Tuxedo Mask's forehead, he slowly squeezed his eyes open, and Bubbles fell back, exhausted.
"Now's your chance Dark Bubbles!" Dark Star told her.
A dark bubble surrounded Sailor Bubbles and hurled her across the street.
"NO!" yelled Sailor Venus, she ran to Dark Star, but Dark Star raised her hand and a force flung Venus into a street post.
"Niamh stop!" Julian yelled at her. Dark Star flinched, but quickly recovered.
"Who are you to order me?" Dark Star questioned him, and began to lift her hand.
"No Niamh stop! This isn't you! Fight it!" Dark Star stepped back and held her head in pain.
"My friends help me!"
"No! You're not strong enough, I control you now!"
"It is my identity! I control my own!"
"I am your own, you have kept me inside all these years, yet now is the time to let it go, I will fulfill my destiny!"
"This is my destiny!!" Dark Star battled with herself, trying to break free.
"Yes, Niamh, you can do it!" Julian urged her on. The shadow just watched. Dark Star groaned and then fell to the ground, still shaking.
"The- single heart- must - not - succeed. You-can-not-surrender!" she whispered, before the evil was washed from her completely, and she fainted. The Dark Soldiers retreated, following the shadow back to wherever they had come.
Julian ran over to Dark Star and tried desperately to wake her. She looked up at him,
"What happened?"
The rest of the Scouts where climbing to their feet, Dark Star did the same. Tuxedo Mask, was being carefully balanced between Sailor Moon and Sailor Bubbles.
"What happened to you?" Dark Star asked him. Tux looked stunned at her question. She took a step forward, but the rest of the Scouts inched backwards. Could they trust her?
"What is it?" she asked, very confused. Sailor Bubbles stepped forward, without thinking, which was a bad thing, because she forgot she was balancing half of Tux. As a result, he and Sailor Moon toppled over. They struggled to stand again.
"Oh, heh heh, sorry?" Bubbles said. then she walked over to Dark Star and put her hand on her shoulder.
"I trust you," she stated.
"Okay, and you have to point this out because....?" Dark Star asked. Everyone stared at her in disbelief. Sailor Moon realized what had happened. This time she also walked over to Dark Star, now leaving Tuxedo Mask no one to hang on to. He fell to the ground.
"Sorry Darien! Um... hey guys.... I don't think she really knows what happened!"

"I actually ordered them to attack you? They listened to me?"
They were all standing outside of Rei's temple, telling Naimh of what had happened. They had decided they could trust her, actually, Luna had decided.
"I'm sorry Darien," Niamh said.
He flinched, "Suddenly I've been getting a lot of sorry's... this is just my day."
"What we need to know now is why you acted the way you did," Julian told her.
"Could it be that, maybe your alter ego is yourself, and being near these others, triggered the psychic-connection between these beings, in that part of your mind. You could have a split personality." Everyone stared at Ami, very baffled by whatever she had just said, "or not...."
"No, that's not it!" Luna said, "we should have told them sooner Artemis!" Artemis stepped forward,
"Niamh is from the Dark Universe, like the others." They all gasped, and looked at Niamh.
"Well, then where is her double, and why did she order them around like she was their leader?" Serena asked, "that's my job," she added quickly.
"I am their leader," Niamh spoke in the same evil voice. Everyone looked at her very uneasily. She shook her head and then looked back at them.
"I um, I gotta go!" she dashed down the stairs, leaving her friends totally puzzled. She turned the corner and ran smack into Rei and Mina, only they weren't really Rei and Mina....

"Guys? think we should go after her?" Serena asked.
"No, it's not worth the risk," Haruka said. Serena glanced toward the steps, and back at her friends, obviously very worried.
"Look, Serena, she is one of them, a Dark Soldier!" Haruka explained, "they are too dangerous, especially her. If she is their ruler... she must be sacrificed, for the safety of our Universe!"
"How did you come to this conclusion?" Ami asked Haruka, "you are always trying to sacrifice people!"
"I won't have anyone sacrificed!" Serena screamed, "if we care so much about our universe and the people in it, there has to be another way! We're going to get her." she walked down the steps and around the corner. The others waited for a moment before they followed.
"We'd better split up if we want to find her," Ami said. They all went their separate ways. Rei and Serena stepped onto a dark street to look around. Rei stopped and grabbed Serena's arm.
"What is it Rei?"
"I sense something, it's close." Serena squinted in the darkness, a girl stepped forward, Niamh.
"We found you! Hey, guys! she's over here!" Serena yelled. She turned to Niamh.
"You don't need to run away," Serena told her, "I'll always be here, even if Haruka wants to sacrifice you!"
"Thank you," Niamh replied, a slight glimmer in her eyes.

Dark Star groaned as she struggled to open her sore eyes. Not that it did any good, the are she was in was pitch black, she couldn't see a thing! She felt the cold metal of cuff's around her wrists. She struggled to free her hand, twisting and pulling.
"Ugh," she gave up. She peered further into the darkness, and could see something, what it was she couldn't tell. Dark Star lifted her feet and kicked out. Her feet hit several long round objects and she pulled back immediately.
"Aaaaarggggh!" she yelled as a surge of electricity rattled her body. This is when she realized she was caged in, with not idea of a way out.
"How did this happen?" she asked her self, and searched her memory. The vision replayed over in her head, she had run from the temple, and into Dark Mars and Dark Venus! She attempted to finish them off on her own so she transformed, but someone had attacked her from behind, who? Dark Star reopened her eyes, and scolded herself for falling into such an obvious trap. This was something only Serena would do.
"How could I have been so stupid?!"
"I have an idea," a familiar voice replied to her own. A light above the cage she was in, flickered on and revealed her whereabouts. The room was gray and stale, cobwebs crowded every corner, and there was old, forgotten machinery laid out across the room.
"Who are you?" Dark Star spoke out. The figure ignore Dark Star's question and remained in the shadows.
"Maybe, because you've been around those pathetic Pure Soldiers too long," the figure spoke.
"We are not pathetic!" Dark Star screamed. The figure's mouth was seen forming a small grin.
"They've even got you thinking you're one of them!"

All of the Scouts, Julian, Darien, and Colin, were heading to the arcade the next day. Niamh was walking between Rei and Neal, and every once in a while Rei would suspiciously glance over at Niamh. Why am I getting bad vibes?
"Something wrong Rei?" Niamh asked without looking.
"No..." Rei replied quickly. The doors to the arcade slid open and they stepped inside.
"Oooooh! 'Sailor V!'" Serena ran over to the game and began to bang on the controls. Mina took her post behind Serena and started coaching her.
"Noo! Mina I'd be better off without your expertise!" Serena yelled at Mina after loosing her first game of 'Sailor V!'
"Fine!" Mina stomped off and started playing a race car game.
"Mina and Serena would you kindly get over here, this is important!"
"Not now Luna!" Mina growled at the cat, Artemis jumped onto Mina and scratched her in the face, while Darien dragged Serena away from the video game. Right before they reached the table however, Serena tripped, making them both air born.
"Serena you goof-ball!" Luna yelled.
"What's so important Luna?" Niamh inquired.
"You," she replied. Niamh looked a little nerved by the reply of the question.
"As you know, you came from the Dark Kingdom, but what you don't know is-," Luna was cut off.
"You know, I just remembered, I um, have to clean my room," Niamh dashed out of the arcade, Julian right behind her. Why must I always be interrupted? Luna asked herself.
"Niamh wait!" Julian called, she paused and he was able to catch up to her.
"What's going on? You've been so different lately!"
"What do you mean?" she tried not to act obvious.
"That wasn't like you!" there was no fooling Niamh's own boyfriend.
"You're right," she said, "that wasn't like me!"

The door to Dark Star's prison opened and a dim light poured into the room. Two figures entered and the first threw the other into the across the room, the figure rolled a couple of times and then banged into one of the rusty machines.
"Julian!" Dark Star shouted out as the door closed, and the darkness came once again. His mumbling could be heard throughout the cold silence.
"Over here," Dark Star could just make out Julian's outline as he headed toward the cage.
"No don't touch the-" too late. A bright light filled the room as Julian grabbed the bars, and electricity surged through him. He fell back, stunned.
The door opened and two shadows cam in. Dark Moon and Dark Bubbles. They grabbed Julian, pinned him to the wall, and cuffed him there. He tried to break fee, but it was not use. The mysterious figure entered, her face kept shadowed. She approached Dark Star.
"We now have your boyfriend too," she said, "this is going to be easier than I expected. Now you will give me what I want."
"No chance," Dark Star said.
"DARK-" Dark Star began her attack.
"It's no use, I've stripped you of all your attacks," the figure spoke.
"-DEATH-" Dark Star continued.
"It will only hurt you," the figure explained.
Nothing happened.
"Ha ha, see I told you!" the figure said, "now look at my power," she lifted her finger, and what felt like on million lightning bolts, shocked Dark Star. Julian pulled hard as he could on the chains.
"No! STOP!" The lightning ceased and Dark Star's head rolled to her shoulders, yet she was still conscious.
"Please don't do this," Dark Star choked.
"Oh? Why, that's the most important part of getting what I want. The torture!" More electricity shocked Dark Star.
"Who are you!!" Dark Star screamed.
"You really haven't figured it out yet?" the figure stepped into the light and her face was seen. Dark Star's double.

"We should've gone after them a while ago," Lita said. They were all still at the arcade, Serena looked extremely bored, and glanced over at the 'Sailor V' game only every other second.
"No, we need to tell you now, with or without Niamh around, she's been disappearing too much lately. If we don't tell you now, we may never get another chance!"

"STOP!" Julian shouted as the torturing continued. Dark Star was hanging by her cuffs now with barely any of her strength left. Her Sailor outfit was torn, and you could see cut's and bruises almost everywhere, but she was still awake.
"What do you want from me?" Dark Star groaned.
"Your heart, your power!" The double replied.
"Why didn't you take that with the rest of my attacks?"
"It has to be given up freely so hand it over!"
"Then I'll have to raise the stakes a little bit." The cage began to shake and then turned over on its side. Dark Star was using all of her strength to keep her feet hammered to the bottom of the cage, so she wouldn't fall onto the electric bars. Julian turned his head away, fearing what he would see if he didn't.
"Why are you doing this?! Why couldn't you have someone else's heart?" Dark Star screamed.
"Don't play game with me! I saw how you ordered MY Soldiers! You know perfectly well why I'm after you!"
"No! I swear!"
"Hmmm, maybe I should tell you, just to freshen you memory, kill time, eh?" the double laughed at Dark Star, suffering in the cage. In her evil tone she began.
"1,000 years ago, there existed two Universes, a Dark Universe, and a Pure Universe. The Dark Universe, created a third, Pharoh 90, in hopes that our two could conquer the Pure one. The Soldier of Destruction and Sailor Moon were destined to destroy Pharoh 90, and foil our plans, which were immediately abandoned, and much was lost.
During the time of the Silver Millennium, a child with two hearts, a dark and a pure, was born in the Dark Universe, you. There wasn't a safe place for you to exist so the hearts were separated into two Soldiers. For a mysterious reason, the pure heart was sent to the Dark Soldier, and the dark heart, sent to the Pure Soldier." The double paused to let it all sink into Dark Star's head.
"So I'm a Dark Soldier with a pure heart?"
"Precisely, now let me continue. Queen Serenity did not want a dark heart in her universe. The two Scouts were switched, and I was sent to the Dark Universe," she spoke.
"So you are the Pure Soldier with a dark heart?" Dark Star asked.
"Yes, I am Sailor Star."
"This is all very 'informative', but it still doesn't explain why you're after me."
"Oh, it will."

"This is too confusing!" Serena screamed. Luna was telling the girls the same story that was being told to Dark Star.
"Haruka was right!" Mina said, "she is one of them."
"That is why she must be sacrificed!" Haruka explained.
"It is you who should be sacrificed!" Serena shouted at her, "what is it with you and killing people?!"
"She's their leader! You saw it yourself!" Haruka told her.
"No! She has a pure heart! She can't lead an army of dark ones," Serena yelled back.
"No, Serena, you haven't let me finish," everyone turned their heads to a grim Luna.

"There's more?" Dark Star asked. She could feel herself slipping, little by little, and any moment now she might fall to the bars and not come back up. Julian listened and watched in silent agony as Dark Star battled for her life.
"Yes, what I just told you was only the beginning."
"So hurry up already."
"Well, you see, in our Dark Universe there was a prophecy. The Dark Soldier born with two hearts would rule the Universe, the stars, the planets, whatever she wishes."
"You already rule these people," Dark Star said.
"Not like you, you could tell the planets how to spin, the sun how to burn. I am far behind you."
"I don't have two hearts," Dark Star was slipping further, growing more weak.
"That's where you're wrong Dark Star, when the hearts were separated, part of the dark heart was left in you. That's why you are still evil, still their ruler. This is why you acted as their ruler, the evil is powerful, it will overcome you. Surrender your heart to me now!"
"Never!" Dark Star lost her grip and she fell to the surrounding bars. The electricity echoed through her body as she just lay there, not even trying to get up. Julian turned away, knowing she would die before she gave up her heart.
"Because you are stubborn... certain measures will have to be taken. Let's make this game a little more interesting. How about a trap, for those silly love Scouts, hm?"

"I knew it!" Haruka screamed, "some of her is dark!"
"But most of her is pure! She can fight it, we don't have to destroy her!" Serena screamed back.
"Luna, she needs to know, we should find her..." Ami stood up and headed for the doors, but they slid open before she could reach them. The evil Mina and Rei grabbed Ami, and held a black crystal to her head.
"You won't find her anywhere in this world," spoke the dark Rei, "our Mistress has taken her to the Dark Universe."
"And if you really want her back, you'll listen to us," Mina said. Serena took a step forward.
"Move any closer and your friend is history!" Mina threatened, and held the Dark Crystal even harder against Ami's temple.
"Ami," Serena called out.
"It's okay," Ami choked as she pulled on the dark Mina's arm, trying to loosen the grip around her neck, "just listen to them, they'll let me go."
"Okay, we're listening."
"Finally," Dark Rei said, "Dark Star is located in the old droid factory on the thirteenth planet."
"How are we supposed to get there?" Kayla asked.
"You'll find a way, if you really are what the legends say," Dark Rei said.
"We're everything and more!" Kayla replied protectively.
"We'll be waiting," Dark Mina said. the two shoved Ami on to the ground and disappeared into thin air. They all rushed over to her.
"How are we going to find Niamh?" Serena asked.
"We're not," Haruka replied.
"Excuse me?" Rei asked.
"We're not going to even try to find her, if they're going to kill her... it's just doing the work for us," Haruka explained.
"No! Are you the leader Haruka? No! We aren't going to let her die, and we're not going to let them kill her!" Serena shouted.
"It's a trap Serena, can't you see that?" Haruka asked.
"I don't care," Serena said.
"Ami, could you get a location on the factory they said Niamh is in?" Mina asked.
"We're going to get her."

Dark Mars and Dark Venus entered Dark Star's prison. Sailor Star looked to them in excitement.
"My Mistress," Venus spoke, almost distracted by Dark Star, "they may not come for their friend. They are talking of how she must be sacrificed.
What? Dark Star thought. Sailor Star frowned, would her plan work.
"They won't come for me," Dark Star battled with the words, "I'm not worth the safety of our Universe, your plan has failed already."
Sailor Star looking in anger at Dark Star, and then to Julian. An idea formed in her mind.
"It hasn't failed yet," she said, and started laughing wickedly.

"I've got a lock on her," Ami said, leaning over her mini computer, "like they said, she's in the Dark Universe."
"How do we get there?" Mina asked.
"There's only one way," Luna said, "the Sailor Teleport!"

Julian fell to the floor in pain, Dark Jupiter and Dark Mars stepped back, and waited for him to try and get up. He pushed off the ground and stood up, determined to be brave for Niamh. Dark Jupiter approached him,
"You know it's really not worth the effort to get up every time."
"Yeah," Dark Mars agreed, "we're just gonna knock you back down!" They walked up to him, Jupiter punching, Mars kicking. They threw him into a wall, and he groaned in pain. He landed on the ground on his stomach, but struggled to get back up. I won't let you down Niamh. The Dark Soldiers gasped. This guy was tougher than they thought.
Julian was crushed against the wall, and knocked unconscious. Dark Mars smiled at herself.
"Remember not to overdue it, we wouldn't want to accidentally kill him would we?" Sailor Star chuckled at Dark Star, "you've got a brave boyfriend. Too bad it won't last."
"You're wrong!" Julian was on his feet again!
"This can't be!" Sailor Star gasped.
"Believe it or not," Julian told her.
"Oh well," Sailor Star said, "we'll just have to get rid of you some other let's see," she thought to herself. As she did, cuffs appeared out of the wall and grabbed Julian's wrists, they lifted him fifteen feet into the air. When he struggled to move, he was shocked and he cried out.
"Stop! Please!" Dark Star screamed, "it's me you want, not him so why are you doing this!?"
"Why, can't you see? I'm using him, to get to you," Sailor Star told her, "now surrender your heart."
"I won't give in to you!" Dark Star told her. I'm sorry Julian, she cried silently to herself. Sailor Star was beginning to feel her plan may not work, Dark Star was much more brave and stubborn then she had anticipated. Something would have to be done.

The Sailors appeared in front of a lonely building. They looked around, the place was like a desert, nothing existed as far as the eyes could see, but this giant factory. The only light came from three full moons, no stars were visible in the black sky.
The Scouts approached the massive structure. Mercury was using her mini computer to analyze the building.
"I can't pinpoint her location from here," she said, "we'll have to get in." Sailor Uranus grabbed the door and yanked on it as hard as she could.
"It-won't-budge," she said while pulling.
"We can change that," said Mars.
She blasted a hole through the wall. The Scouts cautiously entered the factory, Sailor Mercury squeezed her right ear, and her blue visor slid over her face.
"All right, I've got her!"

Julian was just barely holding on to life, one more attack and he would be gone.
"If he's worth anything to you, you'll hand over your heart now!" Sailor Star yelled at Dark Star.
"I can't!" Dark Star screamed.
"Fine, if that's how you feel." Sailor Star began shocking him again. But the doors flew open and Dark Mask stepped in.
"My Mistress, the Pure Soldiers have arrived."
A smirk formed on Sailor Stars agitated face. She made a motion with her hand, and Julian fell fifteen feet to the floor below, with a loud crunch.
"Julian!" Dark Star shouted. Sailor Star spoke, "Let us go welcome the Pure ones, I know their just dying to meet me!"
Dark Star bowed her head, trying to keep back her tears, but slowly the pain was growing stronger and her anger and evil along with it.

The Scouts followed Mercury through the dark factory. There was huge machinery everywhere, the Scouts had to be especially careful, no telling what these machines were for.
Suddenly a Dark Uranus appeared out of nowhere and attacked Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Uranus jumped in the way of the attack. Mercury stumbled backwards into the rest of the Scouts. They became all tangled, and none of them were able to get up. Sailor Uranus attacked Dark Uranus.
The two forces were equal in power. Sailor Moon, at the bottom of the tangle, pulled her head out and saw the battle. A loud bang was heard and both Uranus's were engulfed by the power of their attacks.
"No! Haruka!" Sailor Moon screamed. She yanked herself out from underneath the Scouts, and ran to where Sailor Uranus had been just a moment before. The other Scouts untangled themselves and went to Sailor Moon's side.
"We have to move on, Haruka..." Sailor Moon couldn't finish, she stood up, holding back tears.
"Sailor Moon is right, we have to find Dark Star," Sailor Venus said.
"Our Universe depends on her," Mercury told them. Mercury focused on her computer.
"We need to go west, this way," she pointed. The others continued behind Mercury. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus were ready to cover her. They made their way through room after room. Every time they passed through, the clicking of machines, and their blinking, indicated they were on and fully functional. This, surprisingly, is something only Sailor Moon noticed.

"Niamh?" Julian called out into the darkness.
"I'm here," she said, "Julian, what did you think you were doing? This is my fight not yours! They could've killed you!"
"I knew they wouldn't.... ah," he grabbed his side in pain.
"I'm okay - really," he said. But she knew he wasn't.
"Niamh, you have to try,"
"Try what?"
"You control everything here, you heard her. You have to try!"
"I can't!" she cried.
"You can! I know you can...." Dark Star heard a thump as Julian toppled over.
"Julian....Julian!?" A bright light filled the room.

Suddenly a flaming bird emerged from the darkness where the Scouts were heading.
The Dark bird dodged the attack and continued toward Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Mars's own fire bird went charging at the other and the two birds battled. Mercury watched in horror as both Mars' gave strength to their birds. Mars will be lost too, I can't let that happen! Mercury thought, then attacked.
With the power of three attacks, an awesome crash came, and took all three Soldiers.
"No! Rei, Ami!, come back!" Sailor Moon cried. She swayed a little, as if any moment now and she would fall to the ground overcome with grief. Sailor Venus grabbed her arm,
"We have to find Dark Star, and get out of here!"
The Scouts whisked their way through the next ten rooms, until they were finally forced to stop and lean against a wall to catch their breath. Out of the corner of her eye, Sailor Moon saw an evil Tuxedo Mask!
"Darien!" Sailor Moon screamed. A black rose was streaking at him too fast for him to dodge. Sailor Moon's tiara sliced the rose in half and struck the evil tux in the stomach. She kept her hand in the air until the job was done, and the evil tux disappeared before hitting the ground. Sailor Moon ran to Tuxedo Mask and held him tightly.
"I'm not losing anyone else," she told him.
"On yes you are!" They heard someone shout.
Jupiter was being attacked by her double. Sailor Moon shot over and jumped in the way of the attack.
"No Sailor Moon, this is my fight!" Sailor Jupiter tripped Sailor Moon, and she fell out of the way. Jupiter began to fight back.
"NO! Lita!" The blast from the collision killed both Jupiter's. Tuxedo Mask struggled to hold back a desperate Moon. She threw him off, knocking his hat and Mask off, and fell to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. She pounded her fists on the ground,
"It's too much!" she screamed, "we're not ready to face them!"
"You're right," a low voice spoke. Darien saw Sailor Star pull a lever on one of the machines. He couldn't tell where the attack would come from and ran to shut it off. But it was too late. A beam of light spiraled at Sailor Moon and took her over.
"No!" Darien shouted. He dashed back to Sailor Moon and took the rest of the attack, but the damage had already been done. He looked down at the Sailor Moon in his arms, and started to cry.
"Don't cry Darien, everything will be okay," she told him, and let out her last breath.
"Serena...SERENA!" he called to her, but no reply came. He broke down into a sob.
"Oh, this is tragic..." Sailor Star approached Darien, "the ditz was able to save you, but you couldn't save her? You weren't even close. and now.... well, look at her." Darien held Sailor Moon even closer as the silent tears continued. The guilt was too hard to escape. This was his fault, he hadn't reached the lever in time, and didn't protect her enough. Now she was dead, and he was so guilty.
Because of his grief, Darien failed to see a Dark Moon about to attack!
"Darien watch out!" Venus and Bubbles screamed at him, but the attack hit him. He fell to the floor next to Sailor Moon, fighting with his guilt and pain, suffering. And it was left that way.
"Two left, two left," Sailor Star mumbled to herself, "Aha!" she snapped her fingers and the wall behind her turned around to reveal Dark Star, practically dead in her 'cage', and Julian, lying unconscious on the ground in front of her.
"What a pity! This is what you fools are wasting your lives on? You might as well just give in now!" Sailor Star shocked Dark Star once more.
"Niamh!" Sailor Venus and Sailor Bubbles ran to help their friend, but were thrown back by an invisible barrier. The shocking stopped.
"I'll save you Dark Star!" Bubbles shouted.
Her attack bounced off the barrier, and spiraled back at her with ten times as more power. Sailor Bubbles hit the ground, dead.
"One more to go!"
The remaining Dark Soldiers formed in a line in front of Venus.
The attack barely weakened them! The gems on their tiara's all began to glow an evil red, and Venus took a step backwards. All of the Soldiers shot rays out of their tiara's at Venus, and she was unable to dodge them.
"Oh no! Look what I've done..." Sailor Star said sarcastically. Dark Star looked around at all of her beloved friends, and she saw a suffering Darien holding tightly to Sailor Moon's hand. Then she looked down to see Julian, and that was enough. She heard his voice echo in her mind.... you control everything here, I believe in you... you have to try.
Her eyes were a fiery red, she was evil again. The cuffs magically unsnapped from her wrists, and she blew away her cage. She turned her head to Sailor Star, and a black fire formed at the tips of her fingers. This, she shot at Sailor Star, slamming her against a wall.
"Ha ha ha!" she paused in the middle of her laugh, clutching her head in pain.
"NO!" she screamed, her good was trying to break free.
"Evil will conquer all!"
"You're wrong," a soft voice escaped her, "I'll make it, I'm strong, I can do this," the voice spoke.
"No, you're weak!" the evil screamed back.
"We believe in you, Niamh," the spirits of her friends spoke to her, "you'll bring us back." Dark Star continued to struggle, while Sailor Star was pulling herself up.
"Hurry!" the urgent spirits called to her. Sailor Star was leaning over her. You can do it. She heard Julian again, and broke fee, still with control of the Dark world. She turned to Sailor Star.
"Bye!" Dark Star said. Sailor Star looked horrified as Dark Star tapped a finger on her forehead, and she was thrown across the room into a piece of machinery.
"We will be back to seek revenge!" Sailor Star choked. Dark Star looked at the remaining Dark Soldiers and motioned for them to attack Sailor Star. Then she spoke.
"One of my powers as the Soldier of Darkness, is I have the power to destroy whole worlds." she thought about this, "it will mean sacrificing myself, but I believe there is no other way." Dark Star closed her eyes, and seamed to be in deep concentration. Bubbles formed around all of her friends and slowly lifted into the air, then faded away. She suddenly opened her eyes and looked straight into Sailor Stars, as her own Soldiers closed in on her.
"Wait!" Dark Star cried, the Dark Soldiers stopped. Sailor Star seized this opportunity to charge at Dark Star, but Dark Star held her hand up and a purple barrier Sailor Star was unable to cross was made. Sailor Star paused at the barrier and looked at Dark Star with hatred. Dark Star stared right back at her,
"You have attempted to rule my kingdom, and destroy what is so dear to so many," Dark Star spoke, "I am the Soldier of Darkness, ruler of the Dark Universe, Dark Star... I plant the stars in this Universe and feed the planets their light. In the name of my Dark Kingdom, I will not forgive you, I will punish you!"
"You cannot punish me! I will return no matter what you do you will not defeat me! I will find revenge!" Sailor Star shouted.
"Without the power to rule this kingdom you are worthless. Your heart is not what made you this way, but your soul. It is not you who needs to seek revenge, but I."
"This is MY kingdom!" Sailor Star screamed at her. Dark Star didn't reply for a moment and just stared at Sailor Star, who was becoming very agitated.
"What's this!?!" Sailor Star shrieked, "NO!"
Giant ripples of light echoed through the universe and a bright light came. Dark Star opened her eyes and found herself on a darkened planet. It couldn't be the Dark Universe because beautiful stars twinkled in the distance. Could she be? Was she..... dead?
As if to answer her question, a radiant figure appeared, Queen Serenity!
"Hello Niamh," the Queen spoke, "no, you're not dead, the Dark Soldier must remain awake to await the return of her throne."
"The Dark Universe still exists?"
"Bits and pieces, that will join together, and you shall stay awake to guard the gates between our worlds. But now, you are on the moon, with your friends." She waved a hand and all of the Scouts including Julian and Darien, appeared. The Queen became saddened,
"Although you will not be taken, another will be."
Sailor Uranus and ..... the Princess Serena appeared next to the Queen.
"Sailor Uranus must join the outer Scouts to protect our Kingdom from a new force," she said.
"But why Serena?" Dark Star asked. The Queen did not reply, but began to fade away. Serena waved to Dark Star as she reached out to her. Dark Star turned her head to see Julian, lying lifelessly on the ground. Serenity had talked about the Scouts, but not Julian. Would Dark Star loose two of her closest friends?
She grabbed Julian and shook him.
"Julian? Julian?" he didn't move. Dark Star let a tear escape her and it fell into his hand. Slowly the hand closed into a clenched fist and he opened his eyes.
"Niamh?" he groaned.
"Julian!" she hugged him tightly.
"Ow, owowowow!" he said, she loosened her grip.
"It's all right," he smiled at her, then he caught a glimpse of something behind her.
"Serena...." she told him.
"I know," he replied. They stood up and walked over to Sailor Moon with the rest of the Scouts. Darien clutched an unmoving Sailor Moon in his arms. Bubbles collapsed in tears onto Dark Star.
"Why?" she asked, but no one knew. They all looked to Dark Star, but for once she couldn't give them an answer.
"I did this," Darien said, "I should've protected her, Serena...." he couldn't finish.
"It's not your fault Darien!" Dark Star said, but he wouldn't listen.
"We'll move on, without her," she said.
"Oh-no-you-won't!" Serena choked, she was alive!
"How..." Mina asked.
"Somebody had to come back and be the leader!"
Darien hugged her tight, very happy.
"And as for you!" Sailor Moon stood up, pointing to Dark Star, "trying to steal my spot as leader?"
"No, I really thought you were dead!"
"Oh, yeah right!"
"Well, why should I listen to a ditz like you. I just had the chance to rule a whole UNIVERSE, but I blew it off so I could save you're butt!"
"Oh, please! I've done lots of savings of butts!"
"Not like I just did, I was a real heroine! I'm starting to think I should be the leader. I just risked my life for all of you! So back of meatball-brain!"
"As if you could do better!"
"At least I wouldn't die every battle! You must give poor Darien a heart attack every other day!"
"Hey! you just got Julian tortured you know! You wouldn't know how to be really brave if the answer slapped you on the face!"
"We all know that about you and answers on tests!"
"Well, I'm Sailor Moon, champion of love and justice! It's my job to fight evil and be the Sailor Scout's leader and that's just what I'm gonna keep doing!"
"Yeah, champion of the detention squad. You must be wearing those meatballs of yours too tight!"
"Hey guys!" Mina interrupted, "could you just cut out all the bickering for a moment? You're making my ears ring!"

That's the end of that story!!! Really, let me know what you think about it! Any-hoo, have a spiffy day!

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